Monday, 17 June 2013

Native Nod

Native Nod were a band in the early 90's from New York/New Jersey that pioneered the emo/screamo/post-hardcore sound. Their discography is quite small, consisting of only nine songs spread out between three 7"'s and one compilation appearance, all of which are included on their discography album Today Puberty, Tomorrow The World.

They were quite experimental with their music (yes, that's a trombone in the picture), most notably the vocals, provided by Chris Leo (later of The Van Pelt and The Lapse). They were mostly spoken, though sometimes broke into a scream. This delivery is incredibly passionate, raw, and vulnerable. This style was also used by Moss Icon slightly earlier, and would later be used by many bands, including mewithoutYou. The guitar is dark and dicordant, which is furthered by the bass, which plays rhythmic lines featured prominently in the mix. The drums are constantly played on edge, as if they were about to suffer from an anxiety attack. This could be said about the entire band, who's dynamic is constantly shifting, whether it be into a soft, gentle part or all-out bombastic explosion of pain and fury.  This stuff is essential 90's emo/screamo/post-hardcore/emotive hardcore/whatever you want to call it, so enjoy.

FFO: Indian Summer, Navio Forge, Portraits Of Past, Hoover, The Van Pelt, Moss Icon

Native Nod (1992)
1. Answers
2. Crossings
3. Tangled

Bread (1993)
1. Bread
2. High Tide In Alaska
3. Back To Mimsey

New Compositions And Arrangements For The Zither (1995)
1. Lower G.I. Bleed
2. Runner

Today Puberty, Tomorrow The World (1996)
1. Bread
2. High Tide In Alaska
3. Back To Mimsey
4. Answer
5. Crossings
6. Tangled
7. Mr. President
8. Lower G.I. Bleed
9. Runner


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