Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Such Gold

Such Gold are a five-piece pop punk/melodic hardcore band from Rochester, New York that formed in 2009. They've been very active since then, constantly touring and putting out records. In terms of sound, I guess they mix the gruff, vicious vocals of hardcore with the melodic guitar leads of modern pop punk, and throw them into this concoction of fast-paced, intense, but still somewhat catchy music. It seems that the farther into their career they go, the more the melodic hardcore aspect of their sound seems to take over the entirety of the band, while the earlier stuff is much more pop punk-oriented. So I guess they've got a bit of a spectrum thing going on, which would probably be a good indication of where to start if you're just going into them. So, here's everything I've got from them. Enjoy.

FFO: Comeback Kid, Strike Anywhere, Kid Dynamite, Title Fight, The Story So Far, I Am The Avalanche, Polar Bear Club, Have Heart

1. Four Superbowls, No Rings
2. You Always Know What's Best
3. The Greatest Comeback Of All Time

1. Four Superbowls, No Rings
2. You Always Know What's Best
3. What's Left Of You
4. The Greatest Comeback Of All Time
5. Stand Tall

2. I Hope You Die Soon/10 Seconds Too Late (The Movielife covers)

Pedestals (2010)
1. Cut Rides
2. Sycamore
3. The Brass Tax
4. So Close
5. Gut Rot
6. Pedestals

Into It. Over It./Such Gold (2011)
1. Into It. Over It. - Washington, DC
2. Into It. Over It. - Portland, OR
3. Such Gold - Minstrels
4. Such Gold - The World That You Live In

Such Gold/A Loss For Words (2011)
1. Such Gold - Scoreboard
2. Such Gold - Backyard
3. A Loss For Words - America Needs A New Sweetheart
4. A Loss For Words - Thomas vs. Luongo

 Misadventures (2012)
1. Two Year Plan
2. Committee Circus
3. Storyteller
4. Keyhole M.O.
5. Another Day
6. Survival Of The Fondest
7. Tell Yourself
8. Higher Places
9. Understand And Forget
10. Looked Out Of The Magic Theater
12. You Are The Greatest Threat (The Doctor Will Serve You Now)

24. Choosing Cages

1. Ivy League TX - Cave
2. Turnover - I Would Hate You If I Could
3. Maker - Here She Comes
4. Such Gold - Framed

1. Engulfed In Flames
2. Faced
3. Axed Away
4. Food Court Blues
5. No Cab Fare
6. I Know What I Saw
7. Nauseating
8. Don't Park Next To Me
9. Morrison
10. When It Gives
11. Frying In The Mix
12. The New Sidewalk

1. Deep In A Hole
2. Stained Glass Brain
3. Ceiling Stare
4. Ransom
5. Worlds Collapse