Friday, 28 June 2013

Algernon Cadwallader

Algernon Cadwallader were a three-piece emo/indie/math rock/punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They began in 2005 and broke up in 2012, unfortunately. I was actually able to catch them live about a week before they broke up, which makes me quite happy (I also got to hear how their damn name is properly pronounced). These guys are one of the best known "emo revival" bands or whatever you want to call it, and rightfully so (Algernon and Snowing are probably the two that seem to be brought up the most). They also operated on a very DIY basis, booking their own shows and whatnot. They even went as far as collectively owning their own label (Hot Green Records), though they did work with other labels.

They take a TON of influence from Cap'n Jazz. I mean you could possibly mistaken the two for each other, especially the vocals. Holy shit, he sounds like Tim sometimes, which is good thing, obviously. However, the guitar work is more reminiscent of American Football, but played with the upbeat  styling of Cap'n Jazz. I suppose there's also a dose of Mineral in the entire band, just for good measure. So yeah, these guys are an awesome band that will certainly be getting a ton of listens since it's the summer now, and they're pretty much the perfect summer band. Enjoy.

1. Second-Rate Machines
2. Breath Wish
3. Look Down
4. Sailor Set Sail
5. Shirt

1. Casual Discussion In A Dome Between Two Temples
2. Some Kind Of Cadwallader
3. The Stars
4. Horror
5. Motivational Song
6. Yo Soy Milk
7. I've Got Piano
8. Katie's Conscious
9. Serial Killer Status
10. In Response To Irresponsibility

1. Spit Fountain
2. Fun
3. Foggy Mountain
4. Black Clouds
5. I Wanna Go To The Beach
6. Responsible Party

1. Some Kind Of Cadwallader
2. Look Down
3. Fun
4. Spit Fountain
5. Stars
6. Katie's Conscious
7. Yo Soy Milk
8. Serial Killer Status
9. Second Rate Machines

Note: Live set they did in January 2010

1. 1994! - Proper J
2. Snowing - Big Weed
3. Boys And Sex - High Notes
4. Algernon Cadwallader - (Na Na Na Na) Simulation

1. Springing Leaks
2. Pitfall
3. Preservatives
4. Parrot Flies
5. If It Kills Me
6. Glenwood Ave.
7. Uniform
8. Sad
9. Chewed Up And Spit Out (In A Bowl)
10. Loose Cannons
11. Cruisin'


  1. I have a live set from a radio show if you want it

    1. That'd be awesome to add! You can send it to, or just put the link as a comment or whatever. Thanks a ton :)

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  3. Algernon Cadwallader changed my life; or at least pushed me to something more when it was changing, they really did...and I got their albums thanks to this blog, so, THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH!! :D ALGERNON CADWALLADER FTW!

  4. Could you possibly upload either of the two radio sets they did? I would love you forever!