Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Seahaven are a four-piece (recently changed to three) indie/pop punk band from Torrance, California that started in 2009. They're signed to Run For Cover. They have a fairly diverse sound, incorporating catchy melodies with thick instrumentation and shimmering, cutting lead tones. They also have a very somber quality drenching all of their songs. They take influence from bands including Brand New, Set Your Goals, and Texas Is The Reason, and are contemporaries to bands such as Balance And Composure, Man Overboard, Pianos Become The Teeth, Make Do And Mend, and Transit. They're a great band and are really impressive live, so definitely check them out. My personal favourite release by them is Ghost, though Winter Forever is excellent as well.

1. Plague
2. Birds
3. Bottled
4. Cobarde
5. Ghost
6. Love
7. Head In The Sand (Blinding Son)

1. Bottled
2. Plague
3. Head In The Sand (Blinding Son)
4. Goodnight (Acoustic Demo)

12. Blue Christmas

1. Goodnight
2. It's Over
3. Slow Down
4. Thank You
5. Black & White
6. Save Me
7. End Of The World
8. Understanding
9. Honey Bee
10. PV

1. Silhouette (Latin Skin)
2. Sleep Alone
3. Phantom Family

1. Fifty-Four
2. Andreas
3. Silhouette (Latin Skin)
4. Wild West Selfishness
5. On The Floor
6. Paseo De Las Estrellas (I)
7. Highway Blues
8. Flesh
9. Whispers
10. Love To Burn
11. Solar Eclipse
12. Paseo De Las Estrellas (II)
13. Karma Consequential
14. Four-Eleven

1. Find a Way


  1. Can you please update with the new album 'Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only?" Thanks :)

  2. Three words and one meaning: I LOVE YOU. Thank you so much a million times.

  3. Cara te amo, a banda não é conhecida aqui no Brasil então demorei anos para achar as músicas </3

  4. Te amo Sophie, o quien seas. I LOVE YOU.

  5. grandes bandas al igual que este blog