Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Swing Kids

Swing Kids were a five-piece post-hardcore/screamo/emotional hardcore band from San Diego, California who existed from 1994-1997 and did two reunion shows in 2009. They were a part of the early Gravity Records scene, pioneering sounds that would be heavily influenced for later bands. They were incredibly intense, creating jagged, twisted soundscapes that fell over the floor in short bursts of time. They also experimented with elements of jazz, post-punk, and noise rock to further push the boundaries of their music. Their vocals were done in a spoken-screamed style, much like many of their contemporaries did (Antioch Arrow, Mohinder, etc.). They were an amazing band who unfortunately only put out a very limited amount of material.

Below is their discography compilation, which includes every recording they made as a band, as well as their split with Spanakorzo. The discography includes the entirety of Swing Kids' side, but obviously doesn't have Spanakorzo's, so I threw that down there so you can have both sides. They also put out a new 7" during their reunion with a new version of "Situations On Mars" and a new song called "Fake Teeth", which I don't have. Hopefully I'll find it soon, or maybe somebody has it and would be awesome and send it to me. Regardless of that, enjoy their amazing stuff below.

1. Swing Kids - Intro To Photography
2. Swing Kids - Situation On Mars
3. Swing Kids - Forty Three Seconds
4. Spanakorzo - In Love With A Liar
5. Spanakorzo - Ghostdance
6. Spanakorzo - Change Of Program

1. El Camino Car Crash
2. Line #1
3. Blue Note
4. Clean Shade Of Dirty
5. Warsaw (Joy Division cover)
6. Disease
7. Situation On Mars
8. Forty Three Seconds
9. Intro To Photography

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