Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Here's another Shadman request.

Counterparts are a five-piece band from Hamilton, Ontario that began in 2007. A few different genre tags could be attached to them, such as hardcore, metalcore, emotional hardcore, melodic hardcore, progressive, whatever. They've put out two full-lengths, with a third one coming later this year, and a split with a great band called Exalt that everyone should check out as well.

The vocals are really guttural and intense (though they are broken up with some clean portions), which when paired with the lyrics, make up the "emotional" aspect of the band (though I'm well aware of the many qualms with using that term). The band is made up of incredibly technically proficient musicians, who can lock in super-tight with each other, even through some very challenging parts. Every instrument plays a crucial role in creating each song, and they all do an excellent job of knowing when to display some technical prowess and when to hold that back. The guitars do display some stunning fretboard fury and harmonies, as well as some heavy chugging parts, but can also play some lush, gentle, clean chords to balance them out. The rhythm section also keeps things diverse, as well as solid. Enjoy.

FFO: It Prevails, Shai Hulud, Misery Signals, More Than Life, Protest The Hero

Prophets (2010)
1. The Reflex Tester
2. Isolation
3. The Sanctuary
4. Goodbye, Megaton
5. Prophets
6. A Plea: A Promise
7. Carpe Diem
8. Only Anchors
9. Dark Ages
10. Sturdy Wings
11. Digression

Counterparts/Exalt (2010)
1. Counterparts - (You Think You're) John Fucking Locke
2. Counterparts - To The Grave
3. Exalt - Misled
4. Exalt - In Hopes You Hear

1. The Disconnect
2. I Am No One
3. The Constant
5. Optimist
6. Jumping Ship
7. Pedestal
8. Thank God
9. Uncertainty
10. Sinking
11. Reflection

1. Lost
2. Ghost
3. Debris
4. Outlier
5. Witness
6. Decay
7. Compass
8. Wither
9. Cursed
10. Slave
11. Soil

1. Stillborn
2. Thread
3. Resonate
4. Stranger
5. Burn
6. Tragedy
7. Withdrawal
8. Choke
9. Collapse
10. Drown
11. Solace

1. Walk Away Slowly
2. Bouqoet
3. Arms Like Teeth
4. No Servant Of Mine
5. Haunt Me
6. Swim Beneath My Skin
7. Thieves
8. Rope
9. A Memory Misread
10. Fragile Limbs
11. You're Not You Anymore

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