Thursday, 27 June 2013

Pity Sex

Pity Sex are a four-piece indie rock/emo band from Ann Arbor, Michigan that began in 2011. Before I say anything else, I must say that I absolutely love this band and suggest that everybody listen to them right now, regardless of anything, 'cuz they're the bestest best band in the whole wide world.

Pity Sex was formed in 2011 by members Brennan (vocals/guitar) and Sean (drums), who had played in bands together before, and soon added Brandan (bass) to finalize the line-up that recorded the demo. During the writing process for Dark World, Britty (vocals/guitar) was added to the band to finish writing and recording the EP. The four-piece signed to Run For Cover and put out their debut full-length Feast Of Love in 2013.

This band's sound is probably most defined by its huge influence from 90's indie/alt/emo bands. The emo influence is probably displayed most prominently on the demo/self-titled thing, and they progress into more indie/alt territory with each album. The guitar tones are quite reverb-heavy, and often switch between being very clean, jangly, to thick, heavy, and distorted. The lead guitar melodies are very reminiscent of J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) and vocals tend to sound fairly downtrodden, though catchy because of the great melodies and harmonies (especially with the male-female dynamic). They've also got a very shoegaze/lo-fi (akin to My Bloody Valentine or Black Tambourine) kind of vibe going, which you can probably tell from the descriptions. It's time to throw a bunch of band names around: Dinosaur Jr., Superchunk, Built To Spill, Archers Of Loaf, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Black Tambourine, Braid, The Promise Ring, and Mineral should give you a good indication as to where they're coming from influence-wise. As comparisons to more modern bands, a few might be Tigers Jaw, The World Is A Beautiful Place..., Dikembe, Dowsing, Brave Bird, Snowing, and Katie/Allison Crutchfield-related projects. Enjoy one of the best bands around now (I don't care if I say that a lot, it's still true):

1. Ever Green
2. Finding Sleep
3. Bloom
4. Pillow Talk

1. When You're Around
2. Dogwalk
3. Hole Away
4. Coca Cola
5. Glue
6. Flower Girl

1. Wind-Up
2. Keep
3. Drown Me Out
4. Smoke Screen
5. Hollow Body
6. Sedated
7. Honey Pot
8. Drawstring
9. St. John's Wort
10. Fold

12. Euclid

Note: Full comp here

1. Adventures - Flowing Through
2. Adventures - Behind This Wall (Turning Point cover)
3. Pity Sex - Acid Reflux
4. Pity Sex - Gigantic (Pixies cover)

1. A Satisfactory World For Reasonable People
2. Burden You
3. Bonhomie
4. September
5. What Might Soothe You?
6. Plum
7. Nothing Rips Through Me
8. Orange And Red
9. Dandelion
10. White Hot Moon
11. Pin A Star
12. Wappen Beggars


  1. Should do a Beau Navire post and/ or a Lord Snow post! Both great bands. A few more recommendations would be Cloud Rat and Republic of Dreams. Just some cool recommendations I know a lot of people would like. Love this blog!

    1. Hey, those are all awesome bands! I can do all of them, though I am missing some of Cloud Rat's split. Regardless, I'll throw up everything I have from them anyway. Thanks a bunch for the great suggestions.

  2. You should post Procession, can't find any of their music anywhere and I need more Britty Drake in my life.

  3. Ohh, now I know what Pity sex is. I thought it's a kind of sex with toys! Like the best sex toys for women, the Bendable Butterfly Vibrator

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  9. Thank you so much for the links! Can you please put up their newest album when it comes out? Thank you! Greatest band on the planet.

    1. has it my man

  10. The demo is actually a split demo with Brave Bird, artwork looks like this:

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