Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Have Heart

Have Heart are a hardcore band from New Bedford, Massachusetts, that started in 2002 and ended in 2009. These guys are one of the best and most notable hardcore bands in the past decade, and have garnered an incredibly devoted fanbase since their inception. They're well known for being advocates of straight edge, as well as promoting positive thinking and action, which are all conveyed through their lyrics and at their shows. Very few bands can actually be praised as being "live-changing", and I think that Have Heart have earned that rare tag among many people. They were signed to Bridge Nine for most of their tenure. For their final tour (before they broke up), they visited every continent (except Antarctica, though that would have been awesome) and played their final show on October 17, 2009 (National Edge Day), which is well documented (in both video and audio formats). These guys are an amazing, essential band, so check them out. Enjoy.

1. Intro/To Us Fools
2. Lionheart
3. About Face
4. The Worth
5. More Than Music (Verbal Assault)

1. Lionheart
2. Get The Knife
3. Something More Than Ink
4. What Counts
5. Dig Somewhere Else
6. Reinforced

1. Lionheart
2. Get The Knife
3. To Us Fools
4. Something More Than Ink
5. About Face
6. What Counts
7. Burning Fight (Inside Out cover)

1. Life Is Hard Enough
2. Watch Me Sink
3. Armed With A Mind
4. About Face
5. The Unbreakable
6. Old Man II (Last Words And Lessons Learned)
7. Song Of Shame
8. To Us Fools
9. Something More Than Ink
10. The Machinist
11. Watch Me Rise

1. Bostons
2. Hard Bark On The Family Tree

1. The Same Son
2. Bostons
3. Pave Paradise
4. On The Bird In The Cage
5. Brotherly Love
6. No Roses, No Skies
7.  The Taste Of The Floor
8. Reflections
9. Hard Bark On The Family Tree
10. The Same Sun

1. Burning Fight (Inside Out cover)
2. Get The Knife
3. The Unbreakable
4. Something More Than Ink

1. Hard Bark On The Family Tree
2. The Machinist
2. Life Is Hard Enough
3. Watch Me Sink
4. The Same Son
5. The Same Son
6. Bostons
7. Lionheart
8. Get The Knife
9. On The Bird In The Cage
10. Intro
11. To Us Fools
12. Something More Than Ink
13. Pave Paradise
14. Armed With A Mind
15. Brotherly Love
16. What Counts
17. No Roses, No Skies
18. Intro (Old Man) II
19. About Face
20. The Unbreakable
21. Watch Me Rise