Sunday, 16 June 2013

No Warning

No Warning are a hardcore punk band from Toronto, Ontario. They initially were around from 1998 - 2005, and announced a reunion and new 7" about a week ago, so that's something to definitely look forward to. These guys play(ed) a brand of hardcore in the same vein as bands such as Cro-Mags or Sick Of It All, with a heavy use of chunky, chugging power chords at both breakneck speeds and during intense breakdowns. To top it off, the vocals are spat with a growling ferocity and anger. By the time of their final album (or at least what was final at the time), Suffer, Survive, they had been touring with and working with bands such as Linkin Park, Papa Roach, and Sum 41, whose influence did rub off on them a little. Though they did still retain some of their original sound, some elements of the aforementioned bands are present. I still like it, though some people's opinions may differ. Regardless of that, I'm pretty stoked on what they'll be doing in the near future. Also, two members of this band are quite noteworthy for their subsequent involvement in other bands, including vocalist Ben Cook (guitarist and backing vocalist of Fucked Up), and guitarist Jordan Posner (guitarist of Terror). Enjoy.

1.  Taking Sides
2. Too Much To Bare
3. Deal With It 

1. A Day In The Life
2. Too Much To Bare
3. My World
4. Take It Or Leave It
5. Almost There
6. Wrong Again

1. Behind These Walls
2. No Time For You
3. Answer The Call
4. Short Fuse
5. Wound Up
6. Growing Silent
7. Caught In The Web
8. All New Low
9. Over My Shoulder
10. Leech
11. Pushing On
12. Ill Blood

1. Dirtier Than The Next
2. Bad Timing
3. Modern Eyes
4. Scratch The Skin
5. Hopeless Case
6. Back To Life
7. No Don't Think So
8. Breeding Insanity
9. Live Through me
10. S304

1. Resurrection Of The Wolf
2. Bloodsucker

1. Friends In High Places

1. Headless
2. In The City
3. Unreality
4. Beyond The Law
5. Total Surrender
6. Hell Realm
7. Like A Rebel
8. Alleys Of My Mind
9. Sanctuary
10. Animal
11. No Influence (From The Outside World)
12. Torture Culture


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    1. Btw if u interested in making similar music for example in ur FL studio, I can share this guitar package

  2. thank you, great band!