Sunday, 9 June 2013

The One Up Downstairs

This is the band that Mike Kinsella and Steve Lamos played in before forming American Football. Dave Johnson and Alan Johnson were also a part of this band, as well as Very Secretary. The One Up Downstairs recorded three songs in 1997 before breaking up. These songs remained unreleased, until 2006 when they were made available in the iTunes stores, and in 2009 when Polyvinyl released them both digitally and physically. These songs are absolutely fantastic. They kind of sound like American Football, but aren't quite as melancholic. I love this EP and highly recommend every fan of AF, or of Mike's work, to check it out. Oh, and there are two variations of the artwork. The one on the top is the iTunes one (which is more popular since it was released first), and the one on the bottom is the Polyvinyl cover.

1. Champagne
2. Rememories
3. Franco The Bull


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  2. How about the 2 albums of very secretary???

  3. How about the 2 album of Very Secretary????