Friday, 21 June 2013


Thanks to Justin, not only for requesting this, but for getting me to properly listen to these guys. I'm definitely loving what I'm hearing and now wondering why I didn't get into this earlier.

Bayside is a four-piece band from Queens, New York, that formed in 2000. They play a blend of  alternative rock/punk/emo/indie/pop punk/post-hardcore, or something like that. Whatever it is, it's good. Really good. They're kind of reminding me of bands such as Alkaline Trio, Senses Fail, Saves The Day, The Movielife, Cursive, Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, and New Found Glory, kind of. They've also probably been pretty influential themselves. They're definitely melodic, but can be in both a poppy and aggressive sense. The guitar work is pretty impressive in terms of variety, and the vocals find the perfect medium between softness and abrasiveness, letting them lean to either side at times. I'm really glad I finally heard this, and suggest that anyone else who hasn't heard them get to listening to them. Enjoy what I could find by them.

1. Advance Letter Goodbye
2. Foot Impressions
3. Days Of My Life
4. Red Head Vs. The Pretty Red Bracelet
5. Downtime
6. Ask For It

1. Bayside - Loveless Wrists
2. Bayside - Cold And Blue And Lifeless
3. Bayside - Just Enough To Love You
4. Bayside - Answers We'll Never Get
5. Name Taken - Write Back
6. Name Taken - You Do It So Well
7. Name Taken - I Quit My Scene
8. Name Taken - Magnolia

1. Masterpiece
2. Poison In My Veins
3. Phone Call From Poland
4. Talking Of Michelangelo
5. Alcohol And Altar Boys
6. Synonym For Acquiesce
7. How To Fix Everything
8. Kellum
9. If You're Bored
10. Just Enough To Love
11. Guardrail

1. Hello Shitty
2. Devotion And Desire
3. Tortures Of The Damned
4. They Looked Like Strong Hands
5. Montauk
6. Blame It On Bad Luck
7. We'll Be O.K.
8. Existing In A Crisis (Evelyn)
9. Don't Call Me Peanut
10. Half A Life
11. Dear Tragedy

2. Blame It On Bad Luck
3. They Looked Like Strong Hands
4. Masterpiece
5. Megan (Smoking Popes cover)
6. Montauk
7. Devotion And Desire
8. Baby Britain (Elliott Smith cover)
9. Paternal Reversal
10. Don't Call Me Peanut (Live)

1. The Walking Wounded
2. They're Not Horses, They're Unicorns
3. Duality
4. Carry On
5. I And I
6. Choice Hops And Bottled Self Esteem
7. Head On A Plate
8. Dear Your Holiness
9. Landing Feet First
10. Thankfully
11. A Rite Of Passage
12. (Pop)Ular SciencE

1. Bayside - I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Death Cab For Cutie cover)
2. I Am The Avalanche - Drinking Songs

1. Boy
2. The Ghost Of St. Valentine
3. No One Understands
4. What And What Not
5. A Call To Arms
6. I Can't Go On
7. Demons
8. Have Fun Storming The Castle
9. Howard
10. Roshambo (Rock, Paper, Scissors)
11. I Think I'll Be OK
12. Moceanu

1. They're Not Unicorns, They're Horses
2. Blame It On Bad Luck
3. Duality
4. Masterpiece
5. Carry On
6. The Walking Wounded
7. Montauk
8. Dear Your Holiness
9. Don't Call Me Peanut
10. I And I
11. They Look Like Strong Hands
12. Hello Shitty
13. Devotion And Desire

1. Already Gone
2. Sick, Sick, Sick
3. Mona Lisa
4. It's Not A Bad Little War
5. Sinking And Swimming On Long Island
6. Seeing Sound
7. The Wrong Way
8. On Love, On Life
9. The New Flesh
10. Killing Time
11. Don't Come Easy (Bonus Track)
12. Monster (Bonus Track)

1. Big Cheese
2. Time Has Come
3. Hate Me
4. You're No Match
5. Pigsty
6. Transitive Property
7. Stuttering
8. Bear With Me
9. Objectivist On Fire
10. Something's Wrong
11. The Whitest Lie

1. Two Letters
2. I've Been Dead All Day
3. Enemy Lines
4. Not Fair
5. Pretty Vacant
6. Rumspringa (Return to Heartbreak Road)
7. Mary
8. Maybe, Tennessee
9. The Ghost
10. It Doesn't Make It True
11. It's Not As Depressing As It Sounds


  1. thank you so much. i can wait to get my hard copies of all of them! :)

    1. oh and im glad you got into them. they are incredible.

  2. Could you try to upload a different version of Just Enough to Love You from Sirens and Condolences? On the hard copy there's a different version with a slight change in the lyrics and it leaves out a part from the version you have (which is the same version from the Name Taken split). The version your missing is the version I prefer more because the slight lyric changes and them taking out that certain section makes the song more enjoyable for me and every other download I can find of the album is the same way.

  3. Thank you so much!!! :)

  4. any chance you have Bayside 2001 and 2000 demo?

    Here is the info:

  5. new album is out! ;)

  6. can you post their new album? thanks

  7. muchas gracias, descargué discos que no tenia idea que existian

  8. new album please?! :)

    1. I second this! Update links and new record!

  9. thank you so much! :) also, if it's not too much to ask could you please reupload the walking wounded and killing time?

  10. Thank you very much! Could you please reupload The Walking Wounded and Killing Time? That would be amazing!