Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Pitys

Band submission. The Pitys are a punk band from Melbourne, Australia. "For the album we aimed to harken back to a rawer, more exciting style of punk, drawing lyrically and musically from the charged style of those early 70's punk bands."

"We originally planned to record a four track EP but after managing to record the first four tracks in half a day, we realised that they may as well see how many tracks we can put down with the studio time we had booked, all up, we managed to record the entire nine track album in two and a half days, with two more days for mixing. The result is an album that is brimming with energetic excitement, hard hitting riffs and satirically sharp lyrics."

This is awesome, catchy but gritty, super energetic stuff with Jello Biafra or Lux Interior-level charismatic vocals. They manage to keep things consistent but exciting throughout, and pump out 9 great songs. Check it out, I'm definitely enjoying this.

1. Happy After All
2. 51st
3. Melbourne Fix
4. Underdog
5. Made Of Plastic
6. Pious Punk
7. Doomed Generation
8. Single Click Activist
9. Really Wanna Hula Hola

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