Monday, 10 June 2013


Deafheaven are a band from San Francisco, California, that formed in 2010. The band mainly consists of vocalist George Clarke and guitarist Kerry McCoy, who formed the band and have been its sole constant members, though they do have a full current line-up formed. They're currently signed to Deathwish Records.

Deafheaven are a bit of a genre-bending band. They include elements of black metal, screamo, post-rock, shoegaze, and post-metal, which makes for a very unique and very interesting sound. They make excellent use of tremolo-picked guitars, blast beats, crescendos, and lengthy song structures to create a mass of sound to back George's passionate, scorching, vocal delivery. I suppose a point of discussion that often arises about these guys is how they, along with others (Liturgy seems to one of particular note), are part of this new wave/scene of American black metal that dismisses some traditional aspects of it in favour of a new, experimental aesthetic (though I guess this was more focused two years ago, around the time of Deafheaven's debut album and Liturgy's sophomore album). These guys are something people should definitely check out if they haven't already, so voila.

1. Libertine Dissolves
2. Bedrooms
3. Daedalus
4. Exit:Denied

1. Libertine Dissolves
2. Daedalus

1. Violet
2. Language Games
3. Unrequited
4. Tunnel Of Trees

1. Violet (Intro)
2. Libertine Dissolves
3. Unrequited
4. Language Games
5. Exit:Denied

1. Deafheaven - Punk Rock/Cody (Mogwai covers)
2. Bosse-de-Nage - A Mimesis Of Purpose

1. Dream House
2. Irresistible
3. Sunbather
4. Please Remember
5. Vertigo
6. Windows
7. The Pecan Tree

1. From The Kettle Onto The Coil

1. Brought to the Water
2. Luna
3. Baby Blue
4. Come Back
5. Gifts For The Earth

1. You Without End
2. Honeycomb
3. Canary Yellow
4. Near
5. Glint
6. Night People
7. Worthless Animal


  1. These guys are really great! I feel like they blend the seemingly opposite worlds of post-rock and metal very well and make some really refreshing music. Also, do you know were to find any of Liturgy's music? I can't seem to find it anywhere...

  2. new bermuda, we need it

  3. These guys have become one of my favorite bands and sunbather will forever be one of my favorite albums. It's just so damn pretty....

  4. add Ordinary Corrupt Human Love when it drops!

    1. Yeah, pretty please! Would be appreciated.

  5. Thanks for the Ordinary Corrupt human love!!!!!!!!!!!!I