Thursday, 27 June 2013

Teenage Suicide

Band submission (not to be confused with another band called Teen Suicide). "Teenage Suicide is a relatively new band, functioning so far as a solo project (but it may change in the future). From Brazil, formed in middle 2012, tries to experiment with various genres among Crust, Black Metal, Sludge and Noise taking influence from such bands as The Endless Blockade, Man Is The Bastard & Young and in the Way. The lyrics deal with political themes." I think the band summed up everything there is to know quite well. I'm really liking this. While listening through to it, I feel got the sense that each song complimented the next, and made the entire album feel really unified, which I enjoyed. Check it out for free on their Bandcamp.

1. Dogma
2. Choices I
3. Broken ouroborus
4. Heartbreaker
5. New brutalism I
6. (Anti)Social
7. Through grime
8. New brutalism II
9. Believers
10. Binarism
11. Choices II
12. Suicide