Sunday, 16 June 2013

Old Scarf Avenue

Band submission. Old Scarf Avenue are a three-piece band from Mount Desert Island, Maine, with members who are about 17 years old, which is always nice to see/hear. These guys are really interesting to me, since every song on this presents a different idea from the last, so it constantly holds my interest, but keep the overall aesthetic similar enough to make it feel consistent. That makes it sound really serious, which isn't quite the case. This EP/demo is simple, but the right kind of simple. The instrumentation is quite bare and straight-forward, but always seems to do the right things at the right time. The lyrics, as basic as they are at times, were really entertaining and enjoyable to read along to it, as well as being relatable.

I'm finding it kind of of hard to lump this into a specific genre, not because it sounds radically original, but because it cleverly blends elements of different types of music into this folk/punk/indie/emo kind of thing, I guess These 6 songs are all great, catchy jams that definitely seem to have quite a bit of replay value, so I highly recommend checking it out, and look out for what they'll be doing next.

FFO: Paul Baribeau, early Tigers Jaw, early Joyce Manor, early The Front Bottoms

2. Shirt Pocket
3. Worst Of The Worst
4. Clementine
5. dollhouse
6. Splatter Paint


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