Saturday, 29 June 2013

Lord Snow

Thanks to Anonymous for the request.

Lord Snow are a screamo/emo violence band from Chicago, Illinois that began in August 2011. Some members used to be in Suffix and Lautrec, among others. They play a style of chaotic, disjointed, ear-piercing, female-fronted screamo that I'm really into. This band are probably one of my personal favourite new bands in this genre, so definitely get into it if you haven't already. Also, check out some of their live stuff on Youtube or whatever, it's really sick. I guess there isn't much else to say. Enjoy.

1. Teeth
2. Corrective Consciousness
3. Natural Order
4. Indifference
5. Detours Disguised
6. It Is Known

1. He's Clearly Made The Most Of It
2. Oh, How The Wine Talks
3. The Dastardly Halves
4. Alas, The World Stops Spinning

1. Ulfric Stormcloak

15. Amherst Pandemonium, Pt 1 (Orchid cover)

Full comp here

1. Selfish Sleep
2. Dark Cloud
3. She's Clearly Made The Most Of It
4. Stormcloak
5. Yellow Amarillo / Booker Dewitt
6. Corpse Pose
7. Incorrective Unconsciousness
8. Shere Khan
9. Solitude
10. Bb
11. The Background Static Of Perpetual Discontent

1. slsk
2. asmr request
3. choppa (stop)
4. new fasting
5. oh god no
6. never again


  1. Hey man, just so you know Solitude (and the songs you've got on it) is an up coming release and will have more songs on it later on

  2. Man, you have Mahria, Fall City Fall, and Lord Snow on here...but no La Luna! Very surprised considering there's a lot of connection between all of these bands...

  3. need the split with Afterlife Kids!


  4. oh man this drummer.