Thursday, 27 June 2013


Band submission, though I was already familiar with their split with I'm Dead To Me (another great band to check out). Nohealth are a really intense three-piece post-hardcore band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. These guys are killer. Their bass and drums are really deep, thick, heavy, and pulsating, which is complimented by the dark noodling of the guitar (which has some really interesting ideas put into it). All of this is topped by some sinister, screamed vocals that sink like teeth into the skin. Michigan has a reputation for great post-hardcore (with some screamo influence) bands (Victor! Fix The Sun, The Reptilian, etc.), and Nohealth are certainly carrying that legacy, though in their own way. Highly, highly recommended stuff here.

1. I'm Dead To Me - Simon Says
2. I'm Dead To Me - Abandoned On The Ice Planet Hoth
3. Nohealth - Detention Level 3263827
4. Nohealth - Long To Call
5. Nohealth - Long To Call (Pt.2)

1. The Inner Monologue Of Simon Lovechild
2. Wilted Blooms

1. The Waining Sear
2. Bruised Talk With the Girl Who Wore Flowers on Her Boots
3. Seventh Octave
4. Faux Pas & Fox Paws
5. Mother: Blood!
6. Wilted Blooms (Reprise)
7. The Visitant (Pt.1: Ripped Limb From Limbo)
8. The Waining Sear (Demo)
9. Bruised Talk With the Girl Who Wore Flowers on Her Boots (Live Demo)
10. Seventh Octave (Demo)
11. Untitled (Demo)

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