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Envy are a band legends from Tokyo, Japan that began their musical endeavours in 1992. In the early years of these titans' lifetime, they leaned towards a hardcore-oriented style of sound to wield their weapons of emotional destruction/instruments with, being upfront and straight-forward. As they progressed and developed, they gradually began to shift their sound towards what they are most associated with, which is mixing post-rock and screamo. They take the grandiose, gargantuan, lush, atmospheric aspect of post-rock, creating epic sound pieces in terms of both length and content, and mesh them with the emotional intensity of screamo. The guitars can play soft, gentle, meandering passages, or explode in cathartic climaxes. Vocalist Tetsuya Fukagawa can let out hoarse, guttural bellows of passion, or whisper spoken-word style parts that make the overall dynamics feel emotional and ever-changing. This creates the music of gods, flooring mere humans both physically and mentally. If one has not experienced the tremendous output of the deity known as Envy, then I advise you start with the gospel of All The Footprints You've Ever Left And The Fear Expecting Ahead, and thoroughly enjoy everything they have blessed us with. Amen.

1. Remember
2. Ability
3. Under The Sky
4. You Have A Voice...
5. Passage Of Wind
6. Still Remain
7. End Of The Line
8. Just Alive
9. Reach Out

1. Envy - Guilt
2. Envy - Castle Of Life
3. Sixpence - Prophecy

1. Envy - Cape Of Despair
2. Envy - This Self-Crusaders
3. Endeavor - Mother Of God
4. Endeavor - Nothing More

1. Limitation
2. Trembled
3. A Vicious Circle, Again
4. Compensation
5. Off
6. Crusaders
7. For You Who Died
8. Black Past
9. Grey Wind
10. Carved Numbers
11. 444 Words

1. Angel's Curse
2. Pendulum
3. Leaden Wings
4. Breeze And Destiny
5. Unrepairable Gentleness

1. Testimony To The Existence
2. The End Of Memories 
3. Awaken Eyes

1. Testimony To The Existence
2. Angels Curse
3. Grey Wind
4. Echo Regenerates
5. Leaden Wing
6. Limitation

1.  Envy - A Red Wound Picture
2. This Machine Kills - Forty One Bullet

1. Echo Regenerates
2. The End Of Memories
3. Awaken Eyes
4. Testimony To The Existence
5. An Encyclopedia Of The Unification

1. Left Hand
2. A Cage It Falls Into

1. Zero
2. Farewell To Words
3. Lies And Release From Silence
4. Left Hand
5. A Cradle Of Arguments And Anxiousness
6. Mystery And Peace
7. Invisible Thread
8. The Spiral Manipulation
9. A Cage It Falls Into
10. The Light Of My Footprints
11. Your Shoes And The World To Come

1. Iscariote - Soleil Trahi
2. Iscariote - Moonbeam And The Dark
3. Iscariote - Auto Pilote
4. Envy - Invisible Understanding
5. Envy - Chacun de Tes Pas

1. Yaphet Kotto - The Fall
2. Yaphet Kotto - Tracing
3. Yaphet Kotto - Momentary Loss Of Breath
4. This Machine Kills - Define Silence
5. This Machine Kills - Carpet Of Gold/Carpet Of Bombs
6. This Machine Kills - Our Histories Have Burned Holes In Your Flag
7. Envy - A Far-Off Reason
8. Envy - Signal
9. Envy - An Adventure Of Silence And Purpose
10. Yaphet Kotto/This Machine Kills/Envy - Untitled

1. Chain Wandering Deeply
2. Distress Of Ignorance
3. Evidence
4. Color Of Fetters
5. Unrepairable Gentleness
6. Go Mad And Mark
7. A Conviction That Speeds
8. Seasons And Oblivion
9. A Will Remains In The Ashes

1. A Far-Off Reason
2. An Adventure of Silence and Purpose
3. Invisible Understanding
4. Chacun de Tes Pas
5. A Red Wound Picture
6. Cape Of Despair
7. This Self-Crusaders
8. Trembled
9. Guilt
10. Castle Of Lies
11. Connected Voice
12. Awaken Eyes (Live)
13. Go Mad and Mark (Live)

1. Further Ahead Of The Warp
2. Shield Of Selflessness
3. Scene
4. Crystallize
5. The Unknown Glow
6. Night In Winter
7. A Warm Room

1. A Road Of Winds The Water Builds
2. All That's Left Has Gone To Sleep
3. Thousand Scars
4. Fading Vision

1. Envy - Conclusion Of Existence
2. Envy - A Winter Quest For Fantasy
3. Envy - Life Caught In The Rain
4. Jesu - Hard To Reach
5. Jesu - The Stars That Hang Above You

Transfovista (2008)
1. Chain Wandering Deeply
2. Lies, And Release From Silence
3. Grey Wind
4. Carved Numbers
5. Fading Vision
6. Awaken Eyes 
7. Left Hand
8. Leaden Wings
9. The Light Of My Footprints
10. Color Of Fetters
11. The Unknown Glow
12. Go Mad And Mark
13. A Warm Room
14. Farewell To Words
15. Scene
16. Limitation
17. Testimony To The Existence

Note: This was a DVD with live footage and some stuff in between. The download just contains the audio tracks for the live songs, and you can check out the entire movie here 

1. Farewell To Words
2. A Cradle Of Arguments And Anxiousness
3. A Far-Off Reason
4. Chacun De Tes Pas
5. Color Of Fetters
6. Go Mad And Mark
7. Fading Vision

1. Thursday - As He Climbed The Dark Mountain
2. Thursday - In Silence
3. Thursday - An Absurd And Unrealistic Dream Of Peace
4. Thursday - Appeared And Was Gone
5. Envy - An Umbrella Fallen Into Fiction
6. Envy - Isolation Of A Light Source
7. Envy - Pure Birth And Loneliness

1. Guidance
2. Last Hours Of Eternity
3. Rain Clouds Running In A Holy Night
4. Pieces Of The Moon I Weaved
5. Light And Solitude
6. Dreams Coming To An End
7. Incomplete
8. Worn Heels And The Hands We Hold
9. A Hint And The Incapacity
10. A Breath Clad In Happiness
11. 0 And 1
12. Your Hand

1. As Serenity Calls Your Name

1. Blue Moonlight
2. Ignorant Rain And the End of The World
3. Shining Finger
4. Ticking Time And String
5. Footsteps In The Distance
6. An Insignificant Poem
7. Two Isolated Souls
8. Your Heart And My Hand

1. Dawn and gaze
2. Marginalized thread



    1. No problem, great minds think alike ;)

    2. whats a good album by them? like top 5

    3. It's totally subjective of course, but if you're looking to get into them, maybe go this route:

      1. All The Footprints You've Ever Left And The Fear Expecting Ahead
      2. Insomniac Doze
      3. A Dead Sinking Story
      4. Thursday/Envy
      5. Compiled Fragments

      Envy have such a large and diverse discography, so it's really both really intriguing and really tedious to sort through all the material, but it's definitely worth it! Generally speaking, if you like the more hardcore stuff start from the beginning and work your way to more modern stuff, and if you lean more towards the post-rock aspect of their sound, start from the most recent and work backwards. Good luck, and enjoy!

    4. Thank you sir! i was wondering if you could upload some Jesu? thank you and have a great summer!

  2. Thank you so very much for this!

  3. Thank you so much! I was shocked with this band a few years ago but I miss "atheist corner", i'm back with envy.
    I really recommend this unbelievable band