Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Nails are a three-piece hardcore band from California that started in 2007/2008 by Todd Jones (former member of Carry On and Terror). The band take considerable influence from 90's hardcore/grindcore, particularly Napalm Death, as well as hints of powerviolence and even doom metal. Their sound is dark, metallic, pulverizing, demolishing, crushing, chaotic, abusive, aggressive, abrasive, bludgeoning, intense, relentless, brutal, whatever adjective you want to use. This is heavy music done right. These guys are definitely one of my favourite hardcore bands to come out in recent years, so check them out.

1. Disorder
2. Alienate You II
3. Obscene Humanity
4. White Walls
5. Confront Them
6. Lies
7. Alienate You I

1. Conform/Scum Will Rise
2. Your God
3. Suffering Soul
4. Unsilent Death
5. Traitor
6. I Will Not Follow
7. No Servant
8. Scapegoat/Depths

1. Skin Like Iron - Disappear
2. Skin Like Iron - The Parade
3. Nails - Annihilation
4. Nails - Cry Wolf

1. In Exodus
2. Tyrant
3. Absolute Control
4. God's Cold Hands
5. Wide Open Wound
6. Abandon All Life
7. No Surrender
8. Pariah
9. Cry Wolf
10. Suum Cuique

1. Among The Arches Of Intolerance
2. In Pain

1. You Will Never Be One Of Us
2. Friend To All
3. Made To Make You Fall
4. Life Is A Death Sentence
5. Violence Is Forever
6. Savage Intolerance
7. In Pain
8. Parasite
9. Into Quietus
10. They Come Crawling Back

1. Nails - No Longer Under Your Control
2. Full of Hell - Thy Radiant Garrote Exposed
3. Full of Hell - Bez Bólu


  1. I think Abandon All Life is screwy. About halfway through the title song cuts off and some weird metal-infused renaissance tune starts playing.

    1. Yeah, I know what you're talking about. The first version of AAL I downloaded had that, aha. I must have accidentally uploaded the download instead. I have the proper version, which has now replaced the old one. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. can someone please upload the Obscene Humanity 7" / EP released in 2012? please............? anyone?

  3. heavy bands dont just try to double fist fuck both of your ears but nails sure hit the nail on the head at doing just that

  4. Thanks so much! You are always reliable for a great quality tune, much appreciated!

  5. Yo my dude, the flexi link is down, any chance of a reupload? Love your blog, introduced me to so much good music and I can't thank you enough for that haha