Tuesday, 30 July 2013

You Blew It!

Thanks to Awo for the request.

You Blew It! is a five-piece band from Orlando, Florida, though they play emo/indie as if they were from the Midwest, Cap'n Jazz/American Football-style. Modern bands like Algernon Cadwallader, Joie De Vivre, Dikembe, Dowsing, etc. could work as comparisons as well, I guess. Very clean, noodly guitar parts decorate each song, which occasionally turn into slightly overdriven, full, ringing chords or octaves. The vocals are another great point with this band. They're usually really catchy, but with the perfect amount of melancholy thrown in. They can get fairly strained and off-key at times (in a good, gruff way), but can also turn quiet and melodic, which is a dynamic they often employ to their benefit. They're currently signed to Topshelf Records. That's it, I guess. These guys are a fucking awesome band, and personally one of my favourites in this niche of music, so check them out. Enjoy.

1. Kevin, You're Such A Disease
2. Goodbye A.M.
3. Hope It's Not A Deposit Bottle!
4. He's Grumpy, He's Broke
5. Just To Make A Sound

1. Hope It's Not A Deposit Bottle!
2. LB Jefferies
3. To The Moon
4. Kevin, You're Such A Disease
5. Sneaky Fuckin' Russian
6. Saddle Up, San Antonio
7. Sorry 'bout That

1. Grow Up, Dude
2. Pinball House
3. The One With David
4. Terry v. Tori
5. Medal of Honor
6. The One With Marc
7. I Am, I'm Trying
8. The Fifties
9. Good For Bond, Bad For You
10. I'm Bill Paxton
11. A Noble Black Eye
12. There's Nothing I Love More Than Baseball

1. Fake Problems - Small Devil Song
2. Fake Problems - Gone Before Dawn
3. You Blew It! - Batavia, NY
4. You Blew It! - I'm A Kid, That's My Job

1. You Blew It! - Medal Of Honor (acoustic)
2. Nai Harvest - Washy (acoustic)
3. Marietta - You've Got The Map Backwards, Matt (acoustic)
4. Dikembe - Untitled (How Demos Feel)

1. Match & Tinder
2. Award Of The Year Award
3. Strong Island
4. Regional Dialect
5. House Address
6. A Different Kind Of Kindling
7. Rock Springs
8. You & Me & Me
9. Gray Matter
10. Best To Best

1. In The Garage
2. My Name Is Jonas
3. Only In Dreams
4. Surf Wax America
5. Susanne

1. Lanai
2. Beside Manor
3. Your Side

1. Epaulette
2. Like Myself
3. Sundial Song
4. Greenwood
5. Autothology
6. Hue
7. Canary
8. Forecasting
9. Minorwye
10. Arrowhead
11. Basin & Range
12. Kerning


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    1. Zippyshare is amazing...

  2. Any chance of putting up the new ep?

  3. new EP was released today! just a heads up :)

  4. can we have the new ep? thanks!

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  6. Dude, please put Keep Doing What You-re Doing here again, I'm begging you!

  7. new album is out!

  8. does anyone have a link for the new album? thanks

  9. Thanks for sharing! This band just broke up and I realized that I hadn´t their music on my laptop.