Tuesday, 2 July 2013

I Hate Myself

I Hate Myself was a three-piece emo band from Gainesville, Florida, formed by brothers Jim (lead vocals + guitar) and Jon Marburger (drums + backing vocals), as well as Steve Jin (bass + backing vocals). The band was initially around from 1997-1998, and reunited in 2003 to play two shows and 2005 to record 3 Songs (which only featured the brothers, with Jon filling in on bass). They were signed to No Idea Records, and worked with them on almost all of their releases. Jon would play in Gunmoll after I Hate Myself broke up, and both brothers are now in Die Hoffnung together.

It's kind of unclear whether or not the band took themselves seriously, but that's kind of irrelevant. They made some fucking awesome music. The band often used a loud-soft dynamic (Indian Summer style). The band would alternate between guitar melodies colliding with some great bass lines during quieter parts, and explosions of distortion and octave strumming. The vocals sometimes use this nasally, whiny, singing voice, or burst out in a scorching screech. The lyrics often touch upon personal thoughts and experience (and Dragon Ball Z). They're a great band who everyone does (or should) know, I don't know what to say really. They're one of my favourite emo/screamo/post-hardcore/whatever the fuck bands ever, if that means anything. If you're starting with them, 10 Songs is the obvious choice to begin with, but 4 Songs is also amazing.

A few notes on their discography: 4 Songs has no official song titles. However, the second track appeared on  the compilation Bread: The Edible Napkin under the title "Less Than Nothing". 10 Songs was released in 1997 on vinyl. In 2000, the album was reissued on CD with an additional song, "To A Husband At War", which first appeared on the Strikeforce Diablo split. This version is what's included below. I guess I already mentioned 3 Songs being recorded during their second reunion, and how Jon plays bass on it. I Hate Myself also appeared on a bunch of compilations, but every song included was previously released on one of their own albums, except for their cover of "Care", originally by Spoke, which appeared on No Idea 100: Redefiling Music, which I don't have. If they ever get around to releasing 15 Songs, an album containing all songs not on their full-length, it'd be on there. Regardless, enjoy their amazing discography.

1. Song 1
2. Less Than Nothing
3. Song 3
4. Song 4

1. This Isn't The Tenka-ichi-Budokai
2. Urban Barbie
3. Polar Bear Summer
4. ...And Keep Reaching For Those Stars
5. Caught In a Flood With The Captain Of The Cheerleading Squad
6. Kind Of A Long Way Down
7. Not Waving But Drowning
8. Destroy All Monsters
9. To A Husband At War
10. Conversation With Dr. Seussicide
11. Secret Lovers At The Heaven's Gate Ranch

1. I Hate Myself - Fred Mertz Was Most Likely A Bad Poet And A Pervert
2. I Hate Myself - Song For All The Young Casanovas And Casanovettes
3. I Hate Myself - Kamikaze
4. Twelve Hour Turn - Pennyloafer
5. Twelve Hour Turn - Jack
6. Twelve Hour Turn - Call Chance
7. Twelve Hour Turn - Clothesline
8. Twelve Hour Turn - Cassette 

1. I Hate Myself - To A Husband At War
2. Strikeforce Diablo - Lift Me Up
3. Strikeforce Diablo - Sleepyhollow

1. Darren's Roof
2. Drama In The Emergency Room

1. Roy Sullivan, By Lightning Loved
2. Roy On The Make
3. The Lightning Says


  1. If you can get Wow, Owls! that'd be great!

  2. Ive been looking everywhere for these! thanks!

  3. Hey, Kevin, thanks for this.

  4. Hey, don't know if you ever completed your collection, but here's "Care" from No Idea 100: Redefiling Music. https://www.sendspace.com/file/zz5f3o

  5. Hey, thanks for the great summary and collection of their work that you've compiled here!

    **A few additions:
    There is audio of a 5-song live set of theirs called "Live in Tampa 1997" floating around the internet; no idea (no pun intended) where it came from, if it ever saw any kind of official or even physical release or any further details, but the set list is as follows:

    1. Not Waving But Drowning
    2. Caught In A Flood With the Captain of the Cheerleading Squad
    3. Conversation With Dr. Seussicide
    4. To A Husband At War
    5. Polar Bear Summer

    Also, there are two additional songs of theirs not featured here that appeared on a compilation and were not featured on any other release. They're both live tracks from "ABC No Rio: A Benefit Compilation CD" released in 1999. Track 10 is "Darren's Roof (Live On WNYU)" and Track 11 is "Drama In The Emergency Room (Live on WNYU)."

    Finally, the only live video footage of one of their shows that I figured might be appreciated, taken from a show in Wilkes-Barre, PA on 6/28/1997:
    Part One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S34IqKQWiaI
    Part Two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVM_DNsIq_8

    **A few corrections:
    They existed in 1996 and 1997, not 1997-1998. They had a brief reunion in 2003 to play two shows, and their final release, "3 Songs" was recorded in July of 2004, though it wasn't released until May of 2005. So their existence would be something like "1996-1997, 2003, 2004" AFAIK.

    Their first release, "4 Songs" is marked on the No Idea discography page as being first released on December 31st, 1996, which would make it a 1996 release.

    The split between I Hate Myself and Strikeforce Diablo was released in 1997, not 1998.

    That's about it. Still waiting on "15 Songs" and any further info, details, footage, music or releases from this incredible band!

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  7. One of my favorite bands from that era. Great work on this blog all around!

  8. Kaospilot plz. If anyb0dy's still active here that is.