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Thanks to Patrick for the request, and Mike for providing so many of the rare tracks (not Kinsella, but thanks to him for making them to too).

Owen is Mike Kinsella's solo project that began in 2001 in Chicago, Illinois. Mike Kinsella, as most of you know, has been in a bunch of amazing bands including Cap'n Jazz, American Football, The One Up Downstairs, Joan Of Arc, Owls, and most recently Their / They're / There. It should be noted that he played drums in some of those bands, instead of guitar and vocals like he does with Owen. Like many of his other bands, Owen is signed to Polyvinyl Records.

Owen (or Mike, for that matter) has a very distinct sound. Like his work with American Football, the music is very melancholic, focusing on alternate tunings, somewhat intricate guitar melodies and Mike's soft, delicate voice creaking over them. Though with Owen, the atmosphere is much more minimal (in a good way) since he uses a single acoustic guitar. Owen's earlier recordings are very stripped down, since they were recorded by himself in his home with his own equipment. Later albums would be done in a proper studio, incorporating more instrumentation (usually played by him) to back his vocals and guitar playing. Both eras or whatever you want to call them are absolutely beautiful in their own ways. I seriously have no idea what to say that can't be heard below. I mean, doesn't everybody already love this guy and everything he does? Though if somebody is starting out with this, check out his other bands if you haven't already, and try At Home With Owen first, though everything below is worth checking out too, it's seriously all amazing. Enjoy, and you most certainly will.

One other thing: if anybody has any rare/live/b-sides/covers/misc. tracks (not ones from The Seaside EP), I'd really appreciate you sending them to me, since I'm trying to get a collection together. I'm missing the tracks from The Rutabega side of the split too. Also, he's done three Daytrotter sessions, which I seem to have the worst luck with. I'm missing a song from the first one, I've yet to find the second one, and the third one has a 10-minute track of noise instead of "Blues To Black". So if anybody has working/full versions of those, you can send those too and I'll send my <3 back.

1. That Which Wasn't Said
2. Most Days And
3. Most Nights
4. Accidentally
5. Declaration Of Incompetence
6. You Should Do It Now While It's On Your Mind
7. Dead Men Don't Lie
8. Places To Go
9. Think About It

1. Nobody's Nothing
2. Everyone Feels Like You
3. Poor Souls
4. The Ghost Of What Should've Been
5. Good Deeds
6. I'm Not Going Anywhere Tonight
7. Take Care Of Yourself

1. Skin and Bones
2. In the Morning, Before Work
3. Breaking Away
4. That Mouth
5. Gazebo 

4. Owen - Never Meant (American Football cover)
5. Owen - Poor Souls
6. Owen - May First Brings Lots Of Laughs

1. Who Found Who's Hair In Who's Bed
2. Note To Self:
3. Playing Possum For A Peek
4. That Tattoo Isn't Funny Anymore
5. Put Your Hands On Me, My Love
6. She's A Thief
7. Bed Abuse
8. Lights Out

1. Bad News
2. The Sad Waltzes Of Pietro Crespi
3. Bags Of Bones
4. Use Your Words
5. A Bird In Hand
6. Windows And Doorways
7. Femme Fatale (The Velvet Underground cover)
8. One Of These Days

1. Owen - Good Friends, Bad Habits
2. Owen - Top Shelf
3. The City On Film - Aurora Galore 
4. The City On Film - Fahrenheit 451

1. Heads Will Ache
2. I Woke Up Today
3. In the Morning, Before Work (live)
4. More Than Words (Extreme cover)
5. A Fever
6. Stolen Car (Bruce Springsteen cover)
7. I'm Not Seventeen 

1. New Leaves
2. Good Friends, Bad Habits
3. A Trenchant Critique
4. Never Been Born
5. Amnesia And Me
6. Brown Hair In A Bird's Nest
7. Too Scared To Move
8. The Only Child Of Aergia
9. Ugly On The Inside
10. Curtain Call

1. Abandoned Bridges
2. I'm Always In Love (Wilco cover)

1. O, Evelyn...
2. Girlfriend In A Coma (The Smiths cover)

1. Too Many People
2. No Place Like Home
3. O, Evelyn
4. I Believe
5. The Armoire
6. An Animal
7. No Language
8. Mother's Milk Breath
9. Everyone's Asleep In The House But Me

1. I Got High
2. Blues To Black
3. Love Is Not Enough
4. Coffin Companions
5. The Burial
6. Bad Blood
7. Who Cares
8. A Fever
9. Where Do I Begin?
10. Vivid Dreams

1. Descender (Lungfish)
2. Girl In A Box (Blake Babies)
3. Some Kinda Angel (Mojave 3)
4. Forget Me (The Promise Ring)
5. Judas (Depeche Mode)
6. Just Like Them (All)
7. Borne On The FM Waves Of The Heart (Against Me!)
8. Under The Blanket (The Smoking Popes)

1. Owen - Poison Arrows
2. Into It. Over It. - Poor Souls (Owen cover)
3. Into It. Over It. - Local Language
4. Owen - Anchor (Into It. Over It. cover)

1. Empty Bottle
2. The Desperate
3. Settled Down
4. Lovers Come And Go
5. Tourniquet
6. A Burning Soul
7. Saltwater
8. An Island
9. Sleep Is A Myth
10. Lost

I'm Not Seventeen
I Woke Up Today (Daytrotter Session)
A Fever (Daytrotter Sesion)
No More No Where
Alison (Elvis Costello cover)
America (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
Chesterfield King (Jawbreaker cover)
Concept (Teenage Fanclub cover)
Don't Look Back In Anger (Oasis cover)
The Armoire (Nervous Energies session)
Brown Hair in a Bird's Nest (Nervous Energies session)
O, Evelyn... (Nervous Energies session)
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  3. Excelente artista me gusta mucho su trabajo en American Football y Owls, gracias por subir su discografía. Thanks for posting his music

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  5. Could you upload Other Peoples Songs and the recent Owen/Into It Over It split

  6. Does anyone have the 2012 Daytrotter Sesson?

  7. Just discovered a song he never released on an album called Break Bread With The Devil. Check it out and maybe upload it for others, the song is pretty lovely.

    1. It was on the Japanese edition of New Leaves as one of the bonus tracks also! Beautiful song.

  8. Thank you! I lost all of these records in an old hard drive, so good to have them back :)

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