Saturday, 6 July 2013

I Would Set Myself On Fire For You

I Would Set Myself On Fire For You were a screamo/post-hardcore band from Atlanta, Georgia, that existed from 2001 to 2007. The band put out two full-lengths, both on Stickfigure Records, and apparently had a few demos that they would sell at shows, though I've only managed to find one of them (it seems to have two names, one being Orlando Fest  Demo and the other being Florida Demo). ten/eleven was taken from Chug Life, and was an unreleased 7" that apparently was on their Bandcamp (or Stickfigure's Bandcamp), but I guess it isn't there anymore. I don't even know when this would have been recorded, though I'd guess it'd be before Believes In Patterns, since that album has a bunch of other songs with numbers as names, plus it has another version of "Nine" on it, and a song called "Twelve", which would have come after "Ten" and "Eleven", I guess. Reading that over, it sounded really stupid, but you know what I mean. Any insight on this would be appreciated.

 This band was extremely experimental/progressive/whatever you want to call it. Their songs varied quite immensely, with some coming in at less than a minute, others almost hitting the ten-minute mark, and everything in between. They utilised a broad range of instruments, most notably a viola and a cello, which are prominently featured in the band's sound, but also used keyboards, percussive instruments, acoustic guitar, and brass instruments. They also used the standard bass, drums, guitar, etc. line-up. They had three vocalists, as well. Basically their songs were quite busy (but not always in a chaotic way), dramatic, and "epic", I suppose you could say. This band some of the most "interesting" music ever, I think. I can't really say anything else to describe their sound, besides that it is always dripping with the intense emotional element that you would expect from a "screamo" band called "I Would Set Myself On Fire For You". In a very good way, of course. Check it out, though I'm sure quite a few of you are already familiar with them. Enjoy.

FFO: Circle Takes The Square, City Of Caterpillar, 1905, Amanda Woodward, ...Who Calls So Loud, Still Life

1. In & Of Descending Stairs
2. Chinese Freeze Tag
3. The First Word That Comes To Mind
4. The Universe Had Expanded So Enormously
5. We Are In Favor Of Closure

1. In & Of Descending Stairs
2. Chinese Freeze Tag
3. Clayton
4. This Is Not Mine
5. A Small World
6. The First Word That Comes To Mind
7. The Universe Had Expanded So Enormously
8. We Are In Favor Of Closure

1. nine
2. ten
3. eleven

 Believes In Patterns (2006)
1. Twelve
2. Let The Jazz Band In
3. Six
4. Terrible Noise
5. Seven
6. #
7. Three
8. So This Is Our Home
9. Eight
10. Nine
11. Country Song


  1. can u do transit

    1. This is the second request for Transit I've gotten, so I'll definitely see what I can do, but can't guarantee anything since I'm missing quite a bit of material from them.

  2. This is my favourite screamo post hardcore band. They were kids tapping into a creativity I'm not sure they understood, it resonates with me in a way nothing else has and I'm over 40. Completely and utterly unlike anything you will ever hear, intense, beautiful, manic and unpretentious and in some ways anachronistic with the strings - every song completely different , no pattern what so ever. This is art