Monday, 1 July 2013


Ampere are a four-piece screamo/hardcore punk band from Amherst, Massachusetts that began in 2002 and continue to play today. Many of the members played in other notable bands, the biggest of these being the legendary Orchid, which featured guitarist Will Killingsworth (who's a prominent figure in the screamo scene for running Dead Air studios as well). Other bands members were in include Bucket Full Of Teeth, Montcalm, Wolves, and The Last 40 Seconds, among others.

Ampere themselves are quite the noteworthy band in terms of influence and importance within the genre (I kind of think as them as being second tier essential screamo, with first tier being Orchid, pg.99, Saetia, Jeromes Dream, etc.). They play a style similar to that of Orchid in that the music is chaotic as fuck, and features lyrics and ideologies that can be considered "intellectual". They also like to keep things short, especially Ampere. Most of their songs don't even clock in at a full minute, and their longest songs don't even hit two and a half minutes in length. Their live sets are also short, but blisteringly intense, as is their material on record. They've managed to keep fairly busy in their decade of existence, especially considered the fact that operate under rigid DIY ethos, and they don't have a revolving door of line-up changes (it's been the same four people for their entire tenure). So, yeah, enjoy, as I'm sure you will. These guys are legends. If you are starting out with this band, go for All Tomorrows End Today, the Sinaloa split, The First Five Years, and Like Shadows, you'll practically have their entire discography. Though they seemed to have a tendency to put out great splits with other amazing bands, so I'd highly suggest going for those too.

1. Thanks For Teaching Me The Things I Would Rather Not Have Learned
2. Up The Contrast
3. Shaking Hands And Made-Up Minds
4. A Letter To A Friend
5. I Never Really Missed It Until It Was Gone For Good
6. There Is No Miracle Here

1. Wolves - 10
2. Wolves - 11
3. Ampere - My Favorite Movie
4. Ampere - What It's Like To Fly
5. Ampere - A New Dialect
6. Ampere - A Letter To A Friend
7. Ampere - Things I'd Rather Not Have Learned

1. Remain Unadapted
2. Now We Rise, & We Are Everywhere
3. The Jailors Speak Of Freedom
4. Woodlawn
5. Our Adventures Incomplete
6. New Urbanism
7. The Old World Is Behind Us
8. Against Automation
9. Dover & Grove
10. Past Imperfect
11. In Memoriam

1. Ampere - Away From The Bright Lights/Your Still Life
2. Welcome The Plague Year - You Are My Economic Rival And I  Hate You

1. Death To Tyrants - Presence
2. Death To Tyrants - Exposition 9: Female
3. Ampere - Burned Out And Hollow
4. Ampere - What It's Like To Fly
5. Ampere - At Its Heart And At Its Head
6. Ampere - We Bite
7. Ampere - Your Still Life 
8. Daniel Striped Tiger - Passed Out On Passion
9. Daniel Striiped Tiger - Think About Carbs
10. Daniel Striped Tiger - Dawn Flared Into
11. Wasteland - Marching As To War
12. Wasteland - Fading Light

1. Das Oath - The Living End (The Jesus And Mary Chain)
2. Das Oath - Tourettes (Nirvana)
3. Das Oath - Wardance (Killing Joke)
4. Das Oath - Feel Like A Man (Negative FX)
5. Ampere - Bit Part In A Bad Movie (Born Against)
6. Ampere - Money Stinks (D.R.I.)
7. Ampere - Conspiring The Go-Go (Antioch Arrow)
8. Ampere - The Regulator (Bad Brains)
9. Ampere - Mr. Suit (Wire)

1. Ampere - New Forms
2. Ampere - At Its Heart & At Its Head
3. Ampere - Wormwood, Radiation
4. Ampere - Our Exit Strategy
5. Ampere - Burned Out & Hollow
6. Ampere - We Live Like Lost Children
7. Ampere - In Antiquity
8. Sinaloa - The Earth Is On Fire
9. Sinaloa - Tongue To Teeth
10. Sinaloa - I'm Getting Tired
11. Sinaloa - Teeth To Tongue
12. Sinaloa - Expect Delays

1. Ampere - Escapism
2. Ampere - Diffident Dissonance
3. Daïtro - La Substance Et La Matiere

1. Ampere - Secret Hallways/Sleepwalkers
2. Funeral Diner - I Was The Sword

1. Ringers - Dialtones
2. Ampere - Abject Failure

1. Off Minor - Abattoir
2. Ampere - Conquest Success

1. Escapism
2. Diffident Dissonance
3. Conquest Success
4. Abject Failure
5. Dead Weight
6. Secret Hallways
7. Sleepwalkers
8. Away From The Bright Lights
9. Your Still Life
10. My Favorite Movie
11. What It's Like To Fly
12. A New Dialect
13. A Letter To A Friend
14. Things I'd Rather Not Have Learned
15. Things I'd Rather Not Have Learned
16. Up The Contrast
17. My Hands Are Shaking My Mind Is Made Up
18. A Letter To A Friend
19. I Don't Need It Anyways
20. No Miracle Here
21. Bit Part In A Bad Movie (Born Against)
22. Money Stinks (DRI)
23. Conspiring The Go-Go (Antioch Arrow)
24. The Regulator (Bad Brains)
25. Mr. Suit (Wire)
26. Live 1
27. Live 2
28. Live 3
29. Live 4
30. Live 5

1. (We're) Stranded
2. Escapism Pt. II
3. Centuries Fled
4. Of Nightmare Reality
5. Bullshit Sloganeering
6. Chasing Ghosts
7. The Submerged Tenth
8. Statement Of Capitulation
9. We Neither Rise Nor Fall
10. Maps, Legends
11. Dead Weight
12. Flightless
13. For Automation
14. Terminally
15. Tiny Victories

1. Raein - Comete
2. Raein - Spaccare Il Mondo
3. Ampere - Parallels
4. Ampere - Holding Pattern
5. Ampere - On Form & Function


  1. whoa. this is stephen from ampere, google brought me here - downloading the IHM discography for old time's sake and saw that you had this up. thanks for the kind words & for taking the time to archive all of this.

  2. ah, yes. enjoying the new raein split

  3. I wish I would have caught Ampere live at some point, so good!