Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Handguns are a five-piece pop punk band from Harrisburg, PA, formed in 2008. They are currently signed to Pure Noise Records. None of the members of the band are the original members. The band currently consists of vocalist Taylor Eby, guitarists Brandon Pagano and Kyle Vaught, bassist CJ Wilson, and drummer Woody Spokas.

Handguns are extremely kickass in every way. They're fun to listen to and catchy as hell. They're one of the best pop punk bands out there right now, and you should definitely listen to them if you're a fan of The Story So Far, Man Overboard, Giants At Large, The Wonder Years, Forever Came Calling, etc.
Demo (2008)
1. Hey, You're Being Unfair
2. Jake Can't Drive 55 (Riverwinds)
3. Looks Like We've Got Ourselves A Conversation Starter
4. Exit 4 Off Jersey Turnpike

1. This Isn't Fun Anymore
2. Two Weeks
3. Vamos!
4. She Blinded Me With Science
5. We Bleed Rainbows
6. I Won't Miss This Place At All

1. My Own Captain
2. Two Weeks
3. Pave The Way
4. Harbor Water
5. Last Year
6. Fingers Crossed
7. Anywhere But Home

1. A Year In Review
2. Scream Goodbye
3. Sink Like Lead
4. Best Excuse
5. Gag Reflex
6. Wait Up
7. I Hope He Kills You

1. Handguns - Smoke And Mirrors
2. Handguns - Swallowing Knives
3. Handguns - Where Are You?
4. Forever Came Calling - Knott Sky Or Luckie?
5. Forever Came Calling - Contrition
6. Forever Came Calling - Front Porch Sunrise

1. Porch Light
2. Drag You Out
3. Long October
4. Stay With Me
5. Early Retirement
6. Song About You
7. Capsize
8. The War At Home
9. Nice Choice, Nice Life
10. Still Running Away
11. Fade Away
12. Where I Belong

1. Anvil
2. Sleep Deprived
3. Highway Robbery
4. Heart vs Hand
5. I Can Relate
6. The Loved Ones Who Hate Us
7. Queens
8. Give And Take
9. Waiting For Your Ghost
10. New Years Resolution

1. Self Portrait
2. The Worst In Me
3. My Lowest Points
4. Low Spirits
5. Bury me
6. Carbon Copy Elitist
7. Disenchanted
8. Conjuring My Youth
9. Missed Calls
10. Recovery 


  1. A "To Dream of Autumn" Discography would be really awesome!!

  2. supertouch discography please! ty ^_^

  3. their drummers name is Ryan Pyle.