Monday, 1 July 2013

Republic Of Dreams

Thanks to Anonymous for the request.

Republic Of Dreams are a three-piece German/Polish screamo/emo violence band with members of Louise Cyphre, as well as Resurrectionists. Is that enough to convince you that these guys are worth checking out? I think so. Enjoy. But seriously, they are a fucking awesome band in their own right, so get into it. Also, the self-titled consists of the songs on both splits, both of which are with GREAT bands as well, so check them out as well if you haven't.

 1. Beau Navire - Phalanx Of Lenses
2. Beau Navire - Ghostlike
3. Republic Of Dreams - Golden Parachutes For The Carpetbaggers
4. Republic Of Dreams - It's Still Fucking Personal
5. Republic Of Dreams - A Refuge Becoming Utopia

1. Cloud Rat - Burning Doe
2. Cloud Rat - Parachute
3. Cloud Rat - Stench Of Sage
4. Cloud Rat - Keba
5. Cloud Rat - Moving Mouths
6. Cloud Rat - Astronomy
7. Republic Of Dreams - There's No Bullshitting Here
8. Republic Of Dreams - Your Fahrenheit Is My Celsius
9. Republic Of Dreams - An Enlightened Macho Is Still A Macho
10. Republic Of Dreams - Franz K. Is (Not) My Bus Driver
11. Republic Of Dreams - Dance Tonight, Revolution Every Day
12. Republic Of Dreams - Shit Hits The Fan, But I'm Still Not The Asshole
13. Republic Of Dreams - (Your) Banality Is Evil

1. There's No Bullshitting Here
2. Your Fahrenheit Is My Celsius
3. An Enlightened Macho Is Still A Macho
4. Franz K. Is (Not) My Bus Driver
5. Dance Tonight, Revolution Every Day
6. Shit Hits The Fan, But I'm Still Not The Asshole
7. (Your) Banality Is Evil
8. Golden Parachutes For The Carpetbaggers, Austerity For The Rest
9. It's Still Fucking Personal
10. A Refuge Becoming Utopia

13. Eye Gouger (Orchid cover)

Full comp here

1. Republic Of Dreams - Dooh Nibor
2. Republic Of Dreams - Would You Like Some Sauce To These Toxins?
3. Republic Of Dreams - No Pretense
4. Republic Of Dreams - Don't Live By Any Letter
5. Autarkeia - A Constant

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