Sunday, 21 July 2013

Nam Le

Band submission. Nam Le are a four-piece post-hardcore band from Allentown, Pennsylvania that began in 2012. They just put out their debut album, and it is definitely one you should be getting into. This is an incredibly solid album, that I thoroughly enjoyed throughout. If you like bands such as Title Fight, Joyce Manor, Touche Amore, and Citizen, then Nam Le should definitely be on your radar. They take the best elements of those bands and mesh them together to create their own sound. Not only that, the elements they incorporate from those bands and do it really well themselves. So check it out, share it, and enjoy.

1. Buried
2. //
3. Alley Cat
4. Chambered
5. Raw Dog ABE 2012
6. Action-Boxboro
7. Weekends II
8. Shattered

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