Saturday, 13 July 2013


Before Defeater officially formed (I guess they became Defeater when Derek Archambault began to sing for them), a bunch of its members were in this band called Sluts, also from Boston. Jay Maas (guitarist/backing vocalist/producer) was in Sluts, as well as Defeater. Mike Poulin sang, though is more known for being the original bassist of Make Do and Mend and the current bassist of Defeater. Two other guys, Andy and Gus, were in Sluts and joined Defeater when they initially formed, but aren't in Defeater anymore. There isn't much information on them, since they didn't take themselves too seriously as a band, but they did put out one album during their time, which is pretty good, but not quite Travels. Still check it out though, it's a solid album. Enjoy.

1. Home Is Where The Heart Ends
2. Anthem For The Rats
3. Rocky Marciano
4. The Summer Us
5. Tentatively Titled "Fuck You, Liz."
6. The Persistence Of Flight Despite My Best Efforts With Tow Hooks And Cannons
7. Second Chances And Seconds Wasted
8. Party Line Party Line
9. Inside Jokes And Party Favors

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