Tuesday, 2 July 2013


So, you all know Derek Archambault, lead vocalist of Defeater, a.k.a that dude right up there ↑? Well, he's got this acoustic project going called Alcoa. Apparently it's been a thing since before he joined Defeater, but really only to put more focus on it in recent years. It sounds quite similar to Defeater's acoustic tracks (the four on ED&SN, not so much the acoustic bit in "Prophet In Plain Clothes"). Alcoa had a few demos and whatnot surface, as you can see, which are just Derek singing and playing guitar  mostly or rough recordings of songs with a fuller band, some of which would be re-worked for Alcoa's official release. Earlier this year, the project released its first official album, a full-length titled Bone & Marrow (a teaser single came before it, with one song on the album and one exclusive to said EP). The album features a broad range of instrumentation, including slide guitar, banjo, harmonizing his vocals with a girl's, as well as a full-band set-up (drums, bass, electric guitars, etc.), in addition to Derek's acoustic. Though the acoustic and vocals are still the focal point, and sometimes the only things being played during a song, the higher production value and backing band really bring the album to life, and make me forget the term "side project". I've been really enjoying it since it was released. It's nothing groundbreaking or anything, but he's put together a really good set of songs here, and I'm definitely looking forward to what will come from this project in the future. Enjoy.

FFO: Defeater's acoustic songs, City And Colour, Koji, Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, Johnny Cash, Gram Parsons

I Try I Try, I Do I Do
One or Two or More
We Speak the Same, but Talk Different

Note: I don't really know anything about these songs, except that they're earlier than anything else of his on here. If anybody knows something about them, please do share it

"It Keeps My Friends Worried" Demo (2011)
1. Keep Track / Lose Track
2. I Don't Feel Welcome Here or Anywhere
3. Family Tree

Drowned (2013)
1. Drowned
2. On Fire

Bone & Marrow (2013)
1. Keep Track/Lose Track
2. Drowned
3. I Don't Feel Welcome Here Or Anywhere
4. Cab Rides & Cigarettes
5. Limbs
6. Second Untitled
7. Rilke
8. Lucky Me
9. Family Tree
10. Whiskey & Wine
11. Third Untitled

1. Shambles
2. Young Kerouacs
3. Stations
4. Who's Gonna Carry You Home?
5. I Don't Mind

1. Old Habits
2. All Dolled Up
3. Codebreaker
4. It Won't Get Better
5. Always Chasing Me
6. Come & Go
7. Poison Acquintance
8. 13 Year Bad Luck
9. For Holden
10. Rations
11. Famous Last Words

 Bridge Nine


  1. Hi! Request for Danse Macabre and Am I Dead Yet? They are older emoviolence bands from germany and belgium I believe. Thank you!

  2. Yo! Request for Dads? Two-piecer from NJ? It'd be super cool if you uploaded them. Thanks!

    1. While Dads would be cool there is no point, everything they have ever done worth owning is available for free from bandcamp

  3. can I request The Wonder Years, Real Friends and Handguns please? Thanks!:-)

  4. What's up with all the requests on here? Aha. First of all, I have to say that the requests keep adding up, and though I appreciate them, they're hard to keep up with. I feel really bad if II don't respond to a request immediately, so if somebody's reading this and I haven't said anything to them yet, I have taken your request into consideration, and hopefully it will be up soon. Having said that, some requests I just can't do since I don't have the band's discography. Sorry about that, but there's really nothing I can do.

    To respond to all the requests on this post: The only thing I have from Danse Macabre is their split with Her Breath On Glass, which is already on the blog. I don't have anything from Are You Dead Yet? , unfortunately. I wish I had more from both bands, sorry.

    As for Dads, they're a fucking awesome band, for sure. And yeah, you can get their stuff for free on their Bandcamp, but I'll throw a post up on them anyway, when I can get around to doing so.

    Real Friends and Handguns I can probably do, though they may take a while. The Wonder Years are a bit more complicated. I have all their full-lengths and some of their other material, but it's not exactly complete. Martin might have some things I'm missing, but he's away right now. I guess it'll just have to wait for now, or I'll just do a post with whatever I have from them, since I'd imagine a lot of people would want their stuff, but it always bothers me when I know a discography I post isn't full. I know that's kind of stupid, and sorry for the looooooong comment.

  5. I have a lot of wonder years, what're you missing and I'll try and help

    1. Somebody get this guy a medal! Seriously, thank you. It'd probably be easier just to tell you what I do have, since so much is missing. I have the four full-lengths, Distances (the split with All Or Nothing), Manton Street, Punk Is Dead Get A Job (the split with Stay Ahead Of The Weather), Sleeping On Trash, their song on the No Sleep 'Till Christmas comp, and Won't Be Pathetic Forever. If you have anything besides those things, it would be an amazing help!

    2. I have their side of the split with bangarang, I'm fairly certain everything else is featured on an album in some form but I'll check anyway

    3. After a quick check everything you're missing is on an album in some form (recorded better, done acousticly, slightly changed instrumentals, nothing overly important imo). The only things that aren't are their kid dynamite cover and an acoustic song from the take action comp

    4. THANK YOU FOR THAT. Alright, I'll do a post on The Wonder Years when I can. I found the Kid Dynamite cover they did, and if you could send me their side of the Bangarang split, it'll be perfect. Once again, thanks a ton for this!

  6. Where's Parlour Tricks?

  7. Can you send me some bands with similar sounds to Alcoa? I'm having trouble finding acoustics and bands with a sound like this

  8. You're missing the 2017 Alcoa/Choir Vandals split. Not a request, just wanted to inform you of the release.

    1. It was a 2016 release, my apologies.