Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Space Between Thoughts

Band submission. The Space Between Thoughts is the one-man project lead by Aidan Morley, who put out his debut album earlier this month (July). The entire thing was written (with the exception of a Joy Division cover) and recorded by him over a two-year period. The result: There It Is! I Can Almost See It!. This album is entirely instrumental (again, with the exception of the Joy Division cover), and certainly contains many post-rock leanings. The album is mostly guitar-based, featuring a nice blend of both electric and acoustic guitars, though there is occasionally some drums and bass (though the drums sound like they were done using a program). This album is nicely varied, and each song brings some new ideas to the table. Overall it's quite atmospheric and reverb-laden, though can still range from being ambient, to melodic, to dark, heavy, and ominous. This is certainly an interesting album that features some great and innovative guitar work, so check it out. Enjoy.

1. The One Who Heals
2. You Know, Babe, There Isn't Much Else To Live For Besides Pomegranates
3. Her Eyes Were Half-Open. No. Half-Closed.
4. Okay, you know what, I'm so, well because I, but that's not, because she, ... Let's go to the Movies.
5. Disorder (Joy Division cover)
6. Birdo
7. 1-5-9
8. Stay Afraid

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