Friday, 5 July 2013


Thanks to Patrick for the request.

Worthwhile are a five-piece melodic hardcore/pop punk band from the San Francisco Bay Area that formed in 2009. Their earliest material is definitely more pop punk-oriented, which can be kind of obnoxious-sounding at times, I'll be honest, but for the most part is pretty solid, and they do hint at the melodic hardcore influence that would take over on Carry On Kid, which is my personal favourite from them. They're a cool band, check them out. Enjoy.

FFO: Such Gold, The Wonder Years, Verse, Have Heart, Defeater, Touché Amoré

1. Intro
2. Left And Right
3. Good Guys Win
4. A Dream Lead Here
5. Hear Us Out
6. Simple In Theory
7. Phileo
8. Miracle Me
9. Outro

1. Second Chances
2. Sixes To Sevens
3. Homegrown
4. Unlovable (Lost Son)
5. Recover

1. Evergreen
2. Homebuilder
3. Melody, Save Me
4. Full Hands, Empty Hearts
5. Live For What Lasts
6. 1937
7. At Sea Point
8. How Do I Look Up To A Man In The Ground
9. Vagrant
10. Unlovable
11. Messy Masterpeice

1. Relentless
2. A Fool's Paradise
3. Journal Of A Mad Scientist
4. October Of '29
5. A Name, Two Dates, And A Phrase
6. Lazy Lullably
7. No Man's Land
8. A Requiem For The Sons Of Harmony
9. Hollow Son
10. To My Mother
11. To My Little One, Someday


  1. New album out I would like to see ASAP

  2. New album and a better quality carry on kid would be solid

  3. Would love to see their new album (:

  4. hey please does anyone have link to download CARRY ON KID reissue from invogue records ( i just have no 8 dollars :(