Thursday, 1 August 2013

Life On The Sideline

Band submission. Life On The Sideline are an alternative rock/pop punk band from Hartford, Connecticut that formed in 2012. This band plays music in a very passionate way, and the results are breathtaking. They're very melodic, particularly with the guitar work, with both guitars constantly intertwining and pulling out all the best techniques one can equip their arsenal with. There's a plethora of great lead lines that are backed by octaves and every emo band's favourite chords, all with a keen sense of melody. The drums are very tight and make great use of the toms, and the bass is rock steady and holds each song together while driving them forward. The vocals sound particularly "emotional", with every line sounding like it's being shuddered with honesty. They also make great use of gang vocals at perfectly placed points that make me feel as if I'm a part of the song almost, which really made me connect and relate to these songs more. This band has really impressed me, if you can't already tell. It kind of sounds like they're channelling Taking Back Sunday, The Get Up Kids, Transit, and Real Friends into this one glorious entity.

They're going to be recording a new EP in August, which I am highly, highly anticipating and looking forward to. You can check out a live session above where they play one new song from their upcoming EP, and "Malone Avenue" from Outpatient. I seriously advise listening to this band. Their previous material is available below, which is definitely worth your time, and I'm sure the new EP will deliver the same amazing result. Enjoy.

1. To Whom It May Concern

1. Malone Avenue
2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

1. Wake Up
2. Everything I Lost
3. Honesty Is A Dying Breed
4. Surround
5. I'm A Wreck
6. Drive
7. Artless
8. I'd Be Nothing
9. Rough Draft

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