Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Menzingers

Thanks to Tim for the request, and Shadman for helping out with the post.

The Menzingers are a four-piece punk band from Scranton, Pennsylvania that started in 2006, though members had been kicking around the Scranton scene with other bands before. This band is one of those rare few who just do everything so fucking right. They pump out kick ass song after kick ass song, keeping them catchy as hell, but never sound repetitive or uninspired. It's a true talent for a band to keep their music fresh while staying within the realm of their own sound. They've got great lyrics, great melodies, and most of all, great energy. You can actually hear the band brimming and burning with passion and really putting everything they've got into everything they do. It comes across live, and even more impressively, on record. They seamlessly transcend the division between gruffness and melody, managing to balance the two simultaneously. They're a fucking awesome band, and I would seriously advise checking out everything below if you haven't, because this band cannot disappoint. I'm missing their demo from 2006, so if anybody has it, it would be infinitely appreciated if you share it. Enjoy.

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A Lesson In The Abuse Of Information Technology (2007)
1. Alpha Kappa Falls Off A Balcony
2. Sir Yes Sir
3. A Lesson In The Abuse Of Information Technology
4. Ave Maria
5. Coal City Blues
6. Keychain
7. Even For An Eggshell
8. Richard Coury
9. Straight To Hell (The Clash cover)
10. Victory Gin
11. Cold Weather Gear
12. Clap Hands Two Guns
13. No Ticket

Hold On, Dodge (2009)
1. Sunday Morning
2. Lilith Avi
3. They Speak Of My Drinking, But Never Of My Thirst
4. Red, White, And Blues
5. Kentucky Gentlemen (Bonus Track)

1. I Was Born
2. Mea Culpa Cabana
3. My Friend Chris

1. Who's Your Partner
2. I Was Born
3. Home Outgrown
4. Deep Sleep
5. Time Tables
6. Male Call
7. Tasker-Morris Station
8. So It Goes
9. No We Didn't
10. Rivalries
11. Come Here Often?
12. Chamberlain Waits

Mixed Signals (2011)
5. Irish Goodbyes

Full comp here

1. Good Things
2. Burn
3. Ava
4. Sun Hotel #2
5. Sculptors and Vandals
6. Casey
7. I Can't Seem To Tell
8. Freedom Bridge 

1. Good Things
2. Burn After Writing
3. The Obituaries
4. Gates
5. Ava House
6. Sun Hotel
7. Sculptors And Vandals
8. Mexican Guitars
9. On The Impossible Past
10. Nice Things
11. Casey
12. I Can't Seem To Tell
13. Freedom Bridge

1. The Bouncing Souls - Blackout
2. The Bouncing Souls - Burn After Writing (The Menzingers cover)
3. The Menzingers - The Shakes
4. The Menzingers - Kate Is Great (The Bouncing Souls cover)

1. I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore
2. Bad Things
3. Rodent
4. Where Your Heartache Exists
5. My Friend Kyle
6. Transient Love
7. The Talk
8. Nothing Feels Good Anymore
9. Hearts Unknown
10. In Remission
11. Sentimental Physics
12. When You Died

1. Tellin' Lies
2. Thick As Thieves
3. Lookers
4. Midwestern States
5. Charlie's Army
6. House on Fire
7. Black Mass
8. Boy Blue
9. Bad Catholics
10. Your Wild Years
11. The Bars
12. After The Party
13. Livin' Ain't Easy



  1. heads up they put out an acoustic version of on the impossible past titled on the possible past


    On The Possible Past

  3. The link for Hold On Dodge is broken

  4. "Hold On, Dodge" has been fixed

  5. On the Impossible Past link is broken :(

  6. Has the 2006 demo every been found? I'd absolutely love to hear that.

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  8. The link for Rented World doesn't exist

  9. please upload after the party!!! thanks love you

  10. looking for that "Covers EP" that was released for this After The Party tour ticket package!

  11. Hey I ADORE your site, thank God for you. I don't believe I've seen The Lawrence Arms on here? Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I would love if you get the time to make a post for them!! Much love.

    - Bryan