Thursday, 25 July 2013


Thanks to Justin and Anonymous for the request, and thanks to Shadman for helping out with the post.

Transit are a five-piece pop punk/emo band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 2006. They've been one of the most prominent and noteworthy bands in modern pop punk, and for good reason. Transit consistently knock out great songs that are infectiously catchy, but still personal and relatable. As their sound developed, they began to incorporate a strong influence from bands such as American Football, most notably with the guitar work. They're currently signed to Rise Records, though they have worked with Run For Cover and Mightier Than Sword in the past, among others. Transit are a great band, I don't know what else to say. Enjoy.

1. Shift On
2. Bowline
3. Analucia
4. Cast Away
5. Waterways In New England

1. Opener
2. Castaway
3. Radio Flyer (Away From Home)
4. Rule Of Nines
5. For The World
6. Lexington Park
7. Dead Weight
8. Scrape and Claw
9. Changing Season
10. Empty Shell
11. Giving In
12. Parking Lot Nights

1. Stay Home
2. Namesless (Songs To Static)
3. Stays The Same
4. Atlas
5. Riverside
6. Outbound

1. Transit - Please Head North
2. Transit - Riding The Bullet
3. Man Overboard - I Ate My Gluestick
4. Man Overboard - Basics 101

1. Dear Anyone
2. Please Head North
3. Footwork
4. Hope This Finds You Well
5. Return Address
6. A Living Diary
7. No Inbetween
8. I Was Going to Cross This Out
9. The Downsides
10. Photographic Memory
11. PS
12. Keep This To Yourself
13. Our New Year
14. Love____

1. Indoor Voices
2. Please, Head North
3. For The World
4. Just Go, Just Leave
5. Castaway
6. I Hope This Finds You Well
7. Stay Home
8. Something Left Behind
9. 1978

1. 1978
2. Take What You Can
3. Outbound
4. Just Go, Just Leave

1. You Can't Miss It (It's Everywhere)
2. Long Lost Friends
3. Listen & Forgive
4. All Your Heart
5. Asleep At The Wheel
6. Cutting Corners
7. Skipping Stone
8. I Think I Know You
9. Don't Make A Sound
10. 1978
11. Over Your Head
12. The Answer Comes In Time

1. I Told You So
2. Skipping Stone (Alternate Version)
3. Forgive Forget Space (For Future Reference)

1. The Wonder Years - Anchor (Into It. Over It. cover)
2. Polar Bear Club - Skipping Stone (Transit cover)
3. Transit - Resent And Resistance (Polar Bear Club cover)
4. The Story So Far - Wrightsville Beach (A Loss For Words cover)
5. A Loss For Words - Quicksand (The Story So Far cover)
6. Into It. Over It. - Don't Let Me Cave In (The Wonder Years cover)

1. Nothing Lasts Forever
2. Second To Right
3. Young New England
4. Sleep
5. So Long, So Long
6. Weathered Souls
7. Hang It Up
8. Don't Go, Don't Stray
9. Thanks For Nothing
10. Summer, Me
11. Hazy
12. Bright Lights, Dark Shadows
13. Lake Q

1. Long Lost Friends
2. So Long, So Long
3. Listen & Forgive
4. Young New England
5. Over Your Head
6. Futures And Sutures

1. The Only One
2. Saturday, Sunday
3. Rest To Get Better
4. Sweet Resistance
5. Nothing Left To Lose
6. Ignition & Friction
7. Fine By Me
8. Loneliness Burns
9. Summer Dust
10. Too Little, Too Late
11. Pins And Needles
12. Follow Me


  1. there's a reissue of Listen and Forgive that has a different track listing... is it significantly different?

    1. I've never heard of a reissue, but I tried googling it and it seems like it's been mistaken for the Skipping Stone 7", which features an alternate version of that song, and a song from the L&F sessions, or something like that. Maybe they're added on to the original track listing, I don't know. Sorry I can't be of much more help.

    2. I have the 3 tracks from the re-issue if you're interested :) It's exactly what you said, all of the Skipping Stone 7" tracks added onto the album.

    3. That'd be amazing if you could, thanks so much!

  2. not exactly sure where to ask this, but id like to request the 1975, arctic monkeys, and ed sheeran, thanks

    1. this is a pop punk/emo/rock/metal kinda page. 1975 and Arctic Monkeys would be ok but Ed Sheeran is definitely not related to rock or pop punk in anyway.

  3. The link for listen and forgive is down

  4. please fix the link for something left behind :'(

  5. They have announced their official breakup :'(

  6. Please put up Promise Nothing