Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Sect are a five-piece hardcore band that got their start last year, in 2016. This band has gained immediate attention due to its notoriety as a "supergroup" or sorts. The band consists of vocalist Chris Colohan (of Cursed, Burning Love, Left For Dead, and more), guitarist James Chang (of Catharsis), guitarist Scott Crouse and bassist Ian Edwards (both from Earth Crisis), and drummer Andy Hurley (best known from Fall Out Boy). Like many of their previous bands, Sect take a strong political stance, and are an established vegan straight edge band. Their self-released debut album was dropped last year, and features 10 tracks of unrelentingly pissed off material, a knee-jerk reaction to the perceived despair of current affairs. Sect's cred and talent clearly comes from their prior projects, but their innate frustration is built in to their modern existence. Or something. To cut the shit short, these guys are an incredibly aggressive vegan straight edge hardcore band. Enjoy.

1. Curfew
2. Death Dealer
3. Scourge Of Empire
4. Seventh Extinction
5. Interference
6. All Or Nothing
7. Rendition
8. Fend
9. Total Void
10. Sinking

1. Open Grave
2. Day For Night
3. Crocodile Prayers
4. Reality's Wake
5. Stripes
6. Liberal Arts
7. Born Razed
8. Transaction
9. Least Resistance
10. Avoidance Ritual

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