Tuesday, 10 January 2017


I just got done doing Judge's discography, so inevitably I had to throw Bold on here too. These guys are another NYHC band that helped popularize the youth crew and straight edge movements. Originally called Crippled Youth, they recorded their debut 7" in 1985 before switching names to Bold, under which they released their debut LP Speak Out. After a few years together, they broke up in 1993. Their final release was the LP Looking Back, which was released in 1991, though recorded in 1989. Thus why their discography album is titled The Search: 1985-1989. Their reunion in 2005 coincided with the release of their discography on Revelation Records (just like Judge), though they have not been active since 2007. I don't know what else needs to be said, these guys are a must-know hardcore classic, enjoy.

1. Running Like Thieves
2. You're The Friend I Don't Need
3. Always Try
4. Looking Back
5. Hateful
6. Speak Out
7. Today We Live
8. Wise Up
9. Having My Say
10. Talk Is Cheap
11. Nailed To The X
12. Now Or Never
13. Always Try
14. Clear
15. Intro
16. Change Within
17. Accept The Blame
18. Wise Up
19. Still Strong
20. Search
21. Strength Through Hope
22. Talk Is Cheap
23. Always Try
24. Walk Tall, Walk Straight
25. Positive Scene
26. Can't You See
27. Not Just Talk
28. Respect
29. Choice
30. Stand Together
31. K-Town Mosh Crew
32. United We Stand


  1. You should revisit Dependence! They really have come a long way with their past two releases on Invogue Records. Great stuff.

  2. Amazing! I remember the Crippled Youth 7" but for some reason forgot or never knew they were also Bold. Whaddya gonna do? I was a metalhead before I was intorduced to hardcore.

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