Monday, 9 January 2017


Judge are a five-piece hardcore band from New York City that formed in 1987 and broke up in 1991. They reunited in 2013, and have been playing shows ever since. I don't know how much introduction this band needs. They're easily one of the best hardcore/youth crew bands of their time, and I don't think there's much dispute there. They had a revolving door of members, many of who would also play in other notable bands, such as Youth Of Today, Side By Side, Project X, Chain Of Strength, the list really does go on.

Conveniently in 2005, Revelation Records put a compilation that included Judge's entire discography. It includes their two EP's, one full-length (titled Bringin' It Down) plus a bunch of demos and unreleased material. In addition, it contains an early version of Bringin' It Down that's become known as Chung King Can Suck It, which was only available as a very limited pressing or bootleg before. That discography is what's available below, and I can't recommend enough grabbing this if classic straight edge/youth crew is your thing, because this shit is essential. Enjoy.

Disc 1
1. Fed Up
2. In My Way
3. I've Lost
4. New York Crew
5. Warriors (Blitz cover)
6. Take Me Away
7. Bringin' It Down
8. Hold Me Back
9. Give It Up
10. The Storm
11. Hear Me
12. Like You
13. I've Lost
14. Holding On
15. No Apologies
16. Hear Me
17. Hold Me Back
18. Give It Back
19. Just Like You

Disc 2
1. Take Me Away
2. Bringin' It Down
3. Hold Me Back
4. Give It Up
5. The Storm
6. Hear Me
7. Like You
8. I've Lost
9. Where It Went
10. Forget This Time
11. The Storm II
12. When The Levee Breaks (Led Zeppelin cover)

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