Friday, 27 January 2017


I was trying to come up with new pop punk bands to share, only to realize I had yet to post this incredible band from a few years back. They only put out one album, but it's a very personal yet catchy record, which blends pop punk and emo. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this project was created by members of Transit and This Time Next Year. Their touring line-up also featured another member of Transit, in addition to Polar Bear Club and Defeater. With a solid line-up together, they came out with Every Day I Tell Myself I'm Going To Be A Better Person, which is probably one of my personal favourite pop punk albums to come out in the past few years. They also released two EP's, but I've only got one. You know the drill, if you've got the other, please send it my way so I can share it with ze world. Got it, thanks Hamza! Enjoy.

1. Just Say It
2. She Didn't Turn Out To Be That Great
3. Hating

1. Permanently
2. Time Capsules
3. Bridges
4. Weightless
5. Just Say It
6. I'm Really Starting To Hope The World Ends In 2012
7. Reconnect This
8. Stay Asleep
9. Bad News
10. She Didn't Turn Out To Be That Cool
11. I'm Sick?
12. Sanity
13. The Waits

1. Goddamn, Salad Days
2. Infrared
3. Burn Out
4. Alone, Die.
5. Slow It Down Write It Out


  1. Do Unamused Dave. They're a four piece Math Punk Band from Metamora, Illinois. Three ep's and a full length album!