Thursday, 12 January 2017


Scowler are a five-piece post-hardcore/screamo band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin that formed in 2012. It's just come to my attention that this band released a new (and final) song last year, which in turn made me realize I haven't posted them yet. They put an EP a few years back, How To Find Light, which was absolutely incredible. The band crafts this unique sound that sort of takes influence from Glassjaw, but pushes the screamo aspect of it to 11. It's an incredibly intense and blistering listen, and I highly recommend checking it. The follow-up to their debut came a year later, which was a split with the also-incredible Youth Funeral. On a complete side note, their last LP was phenomenal, right?? As for Scowler, they hadn't really been active since that 2014 split. However, last May, they released a new song that went completely under my radar until now. As expected, Scowler kills it once again.  Unfortunately, that song will be their last. Anyway, this band is highly recommended, enjoy.

1. Tell Us, Mr. Sir
2. Specifically, In Waves
3. Johnny Razor
4. Lost Pages
5. Heavy Throat

1. Scowler - Break
2. Scowler - Interlude
3. Scowler - Maybe If I Sit Here Long Enough I'll Disappear
4. Youth Funeral - How The Dark Presses
5. Youth Funeral - Stolen Poems

1. Whatever

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