Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Left For Dead

Left For Dead were a metallic hardcore band from Hamilton, Ontario that were originally around from 1996-1998. Initially they were formed by members of another band called Chokehold, though the member of most note here is probably vocalist Chris Colohan. Besides Left For Dead, he was also in The Swarm, Burning Love, more recently Sect, and of course, the legendary Cursed. Left For Dead initially put out a few spits and one EP of dark, gritty hardcore, with Colohan's intensive vocals to top it off. Though they didn't last long, their legacy has stayed intact over the years. First, there was a reunion show in 2004. Then, a near complete discography was released in 2006 by Deranged Records. In 2013, the band actually reunited again for a few shows, as well as to record a new EP, simply titled 1. In addition to these, a new, remastered and comprehensive discography was released, which included all the band's recorded studio material prior to the new EP. I also included a compilation that was released back in 1998, which included all their material from various splits. It basically includes their discography (prior to the remastered version), and live tracks from a split they actually put out with Chokehold that weren't included on any subsequent compilations. Enjoy.

1. Eight Floors Above
2. Pulling Teeth
3. Six O'Clock
4. Plant The Seed
5. Ripped Up
6. Pliant
7. Who D'You Know?
8. Skin Graft
9. Second Guess
10. Nothing There
11. Kept In Line
12. Dirt
13. Didn't I
14. Left For Dead
15. A Nice Place To Raise Children
16. Standing By
17. Pliant (Live)
18. Who D'You Know? (Live)
19. Skin Graft (Live)
20. Second Guess (Live)
21. A Nice Place To Raise Children (Live)
22. Nothing There (Live)
23. Standing By (Live)
24. Kept In Line (Live)
25. Dirt (Live)
26. Didn't I (Live)
27. Left For Dead (Live)

1. Six O'Clock (V1)
2. Pliant
3. Who Do You Know?
4. Skin Graft
5. Second Guess
6. Nice Place To Raise Children
7. Nothing There
8. Standing By
9. Kept In Line
10. Dirt
11. Didn't I
12. Left For Dead
13. Eight Floors Above
14. Pulling Teeth
15. Six O'Clock (V2)
16. Plant The Seed
17. Ripped Up

1. Digital Pigs
2. Standin' By
3. Devil's Punchbowl
4. 1946
5. Cop Trap
6. Feeding Tube
7. Rival Leaders
8. Road Rash

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  1. Ah the memories, i remember how cool looking that buzzsaw blade Shaped split record with Acrid looked when turning on the turntable