Sunday, 8 January 2017


Jesuit were a four-piece hardcore/metalcore band from Virginia Beach, Virginia that were originally around from 1995 to 1999. In 2011, they played a few reunion shows, in addition to releasing a discography LP. Jesuit had a few notable members, including Nate Newton of Converge and Old Man Gloom, as well as Brian Benoit, who was a member of The Dillinger Escape Plan in their earlier years. As you might have guessed with their other affiliations, Jesuit are an incredibly heavy band that plays a sludgy style of metalcore that's often very noisy and dissonant. Their output is quite small, which features one demo, 2 EP's, and one compilation appearance. All of this is included on their 2011 Discography release below. Enjoy.

1. Car Crash Lullaby
2. Your Sharp Teeth
3. Cop Glasses
4. Hole In The Sky
5. Servitude
6. The Malady
7. Suicide King
8. Tranzor Z
9. The Smooth Talking Son Of A Bitch
10. Trigger
11. Canonize
12. Expatriate

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