Thursday, 12 January 2017

Donovan Wolfington

Donovan Wolfington are a four-piece punk/indie/emo band from New Orleans, Louisana that formed in 2011. They've quickly made a name for themselves as being a fantastic alternative rock band, with a knack for catchy riffs and catchier hooks. This band has a fantastic energy to them, and fans of their 90's alt-rock-loving Topshelf labelmates will definitely treat them with nothing but love. The guitar work, the songwriting, just the overall sound and energy of these guys is standout. They've got a unique charisma to them which I'm sure a ton of you guys will like, though you've probably heard of them by now (this post is waaaaaay overdue). Enjoy.

1. Die Alone
2. Spencer Green
3. Coca-Cola
4. American Spirits
5. Love Is Natural
6. Ryan Rowley
7. Zero
8. Hell
9. High Life

1. Sleeping
2. Quitting
3. Alone
4. Keef Ripper
5. Hey Alex

1. Ollie North
2. Basalisk
3. Mercurus
4. Hxc Punk
5. Slow Loris
6. Locust
7. Mosquito
8. John Cena
9. Rhonda
10. Solo Cup
11. Hershel Tuesday
12. Manchac
13. Sadhead

1. Wave
2. Ways
3. Perfect
4. Chapped Lips
5. Church of Gravity
6. Low
7. Empty Space
8. Kanye
9. Terrible Judgement


  1. uhh i was hopping for Sometimes, Nostalgia EP

    That's a hard EP to find