Sunday, 15 January 2017

Everyone Everywhere

Everyone Everywhere are a four-piece emo/indie band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that formed in 2007. They don't seem to have broken up or anything, but haven't put out any new material since 2012. Regardless, Everyone Everywhere was one of the major bands to come out of the first wave of the whole "emo revival" thing, along with other essentials such as Joie De Vivre, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), and Into It. Over It. Everyone Everywhere play an upbeat brand of emo that incorporates a ton of "twinkly" guitar work, but keep it interesting with some strong musicianship that helps them avoid ever sounding stale or generic. Their instrumental energy is fantastic, and the vocals have a slightly melancholic edge to them. In terms of modern emo, their two LP's are definitely high up on the list of recommendations. Even revisiting them now, they still sound incredible, and are one of the many reasons the "emo revival" thing was such an awesome time for indie rock. Enjoy.

1. Houses With No Basements
2. Talk Talk Talk Talk
3. Typewriter
4. Thirty Seconds
5. Famous Celebrities
6. Get Fun
7. Chicago

1. Everyhow Everythere
2. Thermal Dynamics
3. Cool Pool Keg Toss Pete
4. We're Going Home

1. Into It. Over It. - Augusta, GA
2. Everyone Everywhere - Batsto
3. Everyone Everywhere - Fakin' It
4. Into It. Over It. - Raw Bar OBX 2002

1. Tiny Planet
2. Raw Bar OBX 2002
3. From The Beginning To The Tail
4. Tiny Town
5. Tiny Boat
6. Music Work Paper Work
7. Blown Up Grown Up
8. Fld Ovr
9. I Feel Fine By Everyone Everywhere
10. Obama House, Fukui Prefecture

1. I Feel Exhausted
2. Queen Mary II
3. The Future
4. $1,000,000,000
5. Turn & Go & Turn
6. Fervor & Indifference in the Bicameral Brain
7. No Furniture
8. Big Hat
9. Wild Life

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  1. saw them play Suburbia in brooklyn in summer '14 so they've been active since well past their last release date if that means anything