Saturday, 21 January 2017

Cross My Heart

Cross My Heart were a four-piece emo/indie/post-hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland that formed in 1997 and broke up in 2001. In their few years together, they managed to release two EP's, a split, and one phenomenal full-length. Unfortunately, I only have the full-length and one EP, so if anyone has the remaining split and EP, let me know! Thanks for helping me find the EP! Anyway, in regards to their sound, they played a clean, somber form of indie rock with very mellow chords and depressing lyrics. In terms of musical comparisons, you could say they were in the same lane as bands like Penfold, Christie Front Drive, or even The Appleseed Cast. However, what made Cross My Heart such a phenomenal band was that they didn't purely beat the listener with these overtly depressing subject matters. There was also this articulate aggression underlining their music, giving their material a multi-faceted emotional level. Not to mention, they crafted some catchy melodies and riffs. Basically, if you're looking for something in terms of emo-tinged indie rock, this is it. Enjoy.

1. Dornier
2. It Doesn't Take That Many Pills To Sleep Forever
3. Today I Discovered The World
4. Determination
5. Track Five
6. Secret To Tell
7. The Hypnotist

1. No Give Backs
2. Are You Still Happy?
3. Destination Eventually Somewhere
4. The Reason I Failed History

1. The Great Depression
2. Tonight We'll Light Ourselves On Fire
3. Paris
4. London Bridge
5. With Bells On
6. Infinity Doesn't Live Here Anymore
7. Self-Loathing Bastard
8. Angels & Gargoyles
9. How Slowly We Forget


  1. hello, can you please post sunflower bean and a sunny day in glassgow?����
    can't find it anywhere on internet
    thankyou, love your blog so much ��
    keep the good work guys
    (sorry for my bad english)

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  3. Oh cool! Someone posted it already before I could. 'The Reason I Failed History' is great

  4. If the link doesn't work, drop a line to me

  5. yeah i can't find a working link for the EP

  6. As far as the EP goes, I have it. I just don't know how to do links and all that jazz

    1. Hey Steven! If it'd be possible for you to send that to me, that'd be fantastic!!

      Here's a crash course in creating a link:
      1. Copy all the tracks/files for the EP and paste them into a new folder
      2. Right-click on the folder and hit "Compress"
      You should now have a .zip file
      3. Go to
      4. Hit "Upload" and select the .zip file
      5. You'll get the link when it's done, then just copy and paste it here!

      Thank you SO MUCH in advance! :)

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  8. Hey! Anyone know what this bands logo looks like? I get this indie music box and I got a logo sticker, I was wondering if it was these guys