Friday, 20 January 2017

Louise Cyphre

Louise Cyphre were a four-piece screamo band from Germany that were around from 1999 to 2007. Their name is probably familiar, since they are probably one of the best and most influential "skramz" bands ever. Fans of that chaotic, noisy emo-violence sound will basically worship this band, and for good reason. I don't have to say much else, really. If you like dark, spastic screamo, you'll love this shit. They released a discography LP which includes all they've done except their one track on the Emo Apocalypse comp (which was put out a year after their discog). I included the discography in addition to all their individual releases (except the demo, which is only on the discog). Members now play in Republic Of Dreams. Enjoy.

9. An Infinite Repetition of a Life Taking Instant
10. There's No Biz Like Your Showbiz

1. Der Co Ste Brumaire
2. KD Freital OP 2719
3. Viva La Danza, Viva La Rosa
4. "Alles Ist Gut"
5. Entrückt/Entzückt
6. Me And You And The CPU

1. Louise Cyphre - "Eh Bien, Mon Prince..."
2. Louise Cyphre - Quadratur Des Zirkels
3. Louise Cyphre - Ulbrich
4. Louise Cyphre - Ein/Aus Maschine
5. Louise Cyphre - Tabibuchua
6. Louise Cyphre - High Noon Am Abend
7. Louise Cyphre - Without Rhyme And Reason
8. Louise Cyphre - Shup Up!
9. The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra - My Old Friend Cancer
10. The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra - ...
11. The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra - Robogirl, Roboboy And The Avenger Of Blood
12. The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra - Zombie Lifetime Insurance
13. The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra - No28

1. Seelenhalma

1. La Quiete - Fai finta di non girarti
2. La Quiete - Cosmonauta Gigarin, non volarti indietro
3. La Quiete - Tutto Lasciato A Meta
4. La Quiete - Al citofono era Anthony Hopkins
5. Louise Cyphre - Revolver AKA Schall und Rauch
6. Louise Cyphre - For those about to destroy pigs
7. Louise Cyphre - In the end... everyone dies alone
8. Louise Cyphre - Your punk rock, our friendship
9. Louise Cyphre - Felicità

1. Louise Cyphre - Laut, Langsam
2. Louise Cyphre - Rendezvous With Tommy Gun
3. Louise Cyphre - 1000 Und Eine Nacht Der Lebenden Toten
4. Louise Cyphre - Poor Little Boy Stuffed In Drag/The Negative Energy Spectrum
5. Shikari - Verloren bij aanvang
6. Shikari - God Zij Geprezen
7. Shikari - Overwegingen
8. Shikari - Nooit te stoppen

1. Ganz Recht Nicht Schlecht
2. Willkommen Im Dschungel
3. Zappenduster
4. Klappe 1933. Szene "Stolz Wie Oskar, Dumm Wie Brot" Die 2te, Action
5. Johnnie Wayne Complex
6. Doppeldenk
7. An Infinite Repetition of A L
8. There's No Biz Like Your Show
9. Der Unendlichste Brumaire
10. KD Freital Op 2719
11. Viva La Danza, Viva La Rosa
12. "alles Ist Gut"
13. Entzückt/entrückt
14. Me and You and the CPU
15. Etcetera
16. "eh Bien, Mon Prince..."
17. Squaring the Circle
18. Ulbrich
19. On/off Machine
20. Tabibuchua
21. High Noon in the Evening
22. Without Rhyme and Reason
23. Shut Up!
24. Seelenhalma
25. Revolver A.K.A. Schall und Rauch
26. For Those About to Destroy Pigs
27. In the End...Everyone Dies Alone
28. Your Punkrock, Our Friendship
29. Felicità
30. Laut, Langsam: Schmierig Abga
31. Rendevouz with Tommy Gun
32. Truth?
33. 1000 und Eine Nacht Der Leben
34. Poor Little Boy Stuffed in Dr
35. The Negative Energy Spectrum

12. No Tears

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