Wednesday, 11 January 2017


I noticed a few requests for this band, and after giving them a listen I just had to share them. Charmer are a five-piece emo/indie band from Marquette, Michigan that formed back in 2015. This band has a really cool sound that fans of  bands like Modern Baseball and Tigers Jaw will take an immediate liking to. They're also got some really good lyrics and melodies, which make for some unforgettable songs. This is a relatively new band that are definitely one to get excited about, since it seems to be increasingly rare for a band to come out with this sound and not sound like a painful carbon copy of another. Charmer are familiar, but far from redundant. I'm psyched to see what this band continues to do in the future, and highly recommend checking out what they've already accomplished up until now. Enjoy.

1. Pet Tiger So He Stops Barking
2. Frankie Muniz

1. Photography Raptor
2. I Wish I Was A Golden Retriever In An Upperclass Family
3. But Fetch Will Never Happen
4. State Birds
5. Sportsmanship Of The Year

1. H-E Double Hockey Sticks
2. Wigglytuff

1. Bummer Summer
2. Roy's Our Boy
3. Nurse Joy
4. Floral
5. Death By Red Eye
6. Topanga Lawrence
7. Starship Tina
8. Pretty Over College
9. Split Plate
10. Garden State, Like The Zach Braff Movie


  1. If you could try to get Westpoint's discography that would be awesome!