Wednesday, 11 January 2017


JANK were a three-piece emo/indie/pop punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that were around from 2015 to 2016. Though they only ever put out one EP and one LP (as well as a remix album), they've managed to garner quite a bit of attention in their short tenure. This is partially due to vocalist/guitarist Matt Diamond being a former member of the excellent Panucci's Pizza, but also in part due to JANK's amazing music on its own. It's pretty tough to nail down their sound, which is a blend of more old school indie rock with the sensibility of more modern "emo revival" bands, or whatever you'd like to call them. Lyrically, they've got a strong sense of humour, which is expected from someone as vocally charismatic as Matt. Basically, they're sole album, Awkward Pop Songs is aptly titled. The requests have been pouring in for this band, so I figured I'd share them here finally. You can get their stuff on Bandcamp on a name-your-price basis, but I suppose it'd also be best to share them here in case there's anyone who haven't heard this band (and you'll definitely want to). Enjoy.

EDIT: I've been getting quite a bit of flak through messages and comments and such for posting this band on here. To put it frankly, there have been allegations of sexual abuse involving singer/guitarist Matt Diamond. These allegations are what's generally suspected to be the reason Jank broke up. Someone left a comment with a link to his full response on the issue if you'd like to read it in further detail. By NO means would I ever support someone even suspected of sexual assault; it's one of the most heinous crimes you can commit to another human being, and if these allegations are true (in any sex assault case) than I sincerely hope there is such thing as a hell so sub-human primeape rapist pieces of shit can burn eternally. However, I am also someone who sees a distinct difference in someone's art and the artist themselves. Perhaps you don't share this opinion, and that's absolutely fine. Personally, as long as there is no direct effect on their art or work, an individual's own actions/morality do not affect my enjoyment of their material. In cases such as this I would certainly encourage abstaining from giving the artist any form of direct support, whether it be monetary value or simply positive encouragement. However, I for one try and take the content as an entity of its own, which is meant to be enjoyed separate of the writer's personal life (again, unless those negative traits directly tie into the content). This is all purely opinion, of course. If you are someone who does not see any difference between the two and are offended by this band being on here, I do apologize, but will not take them down. If someone wants to enjoy their music purely based on their music, this would be the ideal place to do so, since this site and these links have 0 connection with the artist (in this particular post, at least). It can be argued that this is a "promotion" of the music, which is technically true. However, that's why I wanted to make this edit to address this issue, so people can use their own discretion as to whether or not they want to indulge in a band like this. If the music is of interest to you, and any controversy surrounding the band has no effect on it for someone, then great, here it is readily available. If not, I've written this overtly long disclaimer to make everyone at least aware of the issue, and what they choose to do beyond that is their choice. I hope that cleared things up a bit, I know I just kind of rambled for an unnecessarily long time, but it felt like it's something I had to discuss in detail.

1. Ouran Highschool Toast Club
2. Wut I Liek Abt U
3. Racecar Bed (Ft. Yung Goth Boi)
4. Caitlyn
5. Loading Screen
6. J A N K !
7. The Hat Store
8. Kentucky Castle
9. Spilt To Bill
10. VVeed Is Tight
11. Vin Decent

1. Orangutan Highschool Toaster
2. Before U Know
3. Jeff Gordan Had Sex In My Racecar Bed
4. Latelyn
5. LOADINGMEME(notforkids)
6. J A(tlas) N K
7. Matt's Floor
8. Dank Hassle
9. Lit To Trill
10. Jiggle Is Tight
11. Dim Beacon

1. Grim Reefer
2. Chunks (kool enuff)
3. General Tso What?
4. This Is A Song About My Bike "Ralph" And It's Called "Ralph"
5. Alligator
6. #freesam
7. Gucci Spring
8. Versace Summer


  1. Jank died bc Matt was a sexual abuser

    1. I read through his response and I don't really see what he did wrong.. in his situation I would've taken it the exact same way, he didn't force her or anything they just did it and then did it again, never seemingly pressuring or forced on

    2. where did you find out what happened, can you comment a link?

    3. It's pretty clear from his statement that this wasn't an overt act of abuse. Furthermore, anonymously making rape allegations in a public forum pretty much makes you sound like a giant shitlord.

  2. Would you be able to post the Panucci's Pizza discog if you have access to it, please? Their Bandcamp got wiped so it's become difficult to find any of their stuff :/

  3. Matt Diamond is an abuser Matt Diamond is an abuser Matt Diamond is an abuser Matt Diamond is an abuser Matt Diamond is an abuser Matt Diamond is an abuser

  4. Matt's comments:

  5. man such a shame they broke up, they're style is a breath of fresh air to the pop punk genre and that says a lot.

  6. He didnt do anything and my favorite band was ruined by this bull shit.

  7. He didnt do anything and my favorite band was ruined by this bull shit.

  8. Thanks for introducing me to this awesome band. Are you gonna share Panucci's Pizza aswell?

  9. "By NO means would I ever support someone even suspected of sexual assault"

    what about innocent until proven guilty?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. It sounds like two kids had sex twice and one of them had second thoughts THE NEXT DAY so when that person told him of their anxiety he punished himself by making himself think he forced himself on her.
    If you have sex TWICE in one night, no one is forcing anyone.
    Dude, get over it and move on. Don't let someone's impression of what happened guide your thoughts and decisions.

  12. And if it WAS assault, charges should be filed. If he did do it, he should legally answer for it. But if he didn't and is just wrapped up in his own self-imposed guilt then that's just wrong and someone is holding a sword over his head to punish him for something that can't be proven in court.
    Reiterating before you smash your keyboard, if he did it he should pay. If not, you shouldn't have to sit in a moral jail.

  13. Panuccis Pizza please, All the Toppings is a perfect album. Also, jank rules!!!

  14. Matt and x are making out. x points to condom. matt thinks this means "let's bang" and so the two bang. and then they talk and bang again. a year later x tell him that x thought x was too drunk to consent, and that x pointing at the condom was a joke. matt feels terrible and puts himself in a clinic.

    1. huge thanks for making a long story short,bruh!

  15. i like how this band that lasted like maybe 2 years gets a bunch of shit for some he said she said- but your pwr bttm page is all out of whack still. is this bc pwr bttm was never good?

  16. okay but the girl was fifteen tho,,, consensual or not it's still weird

  17. I agree with your open minded view of accepting art as separate from an individual. However, I strongly advise you to at least scrutinize your belief that all it takes is just an accusation, even without evidence, for you to lose all respect for a person. I cannot claim to have insider information on if he is innocent or guilty. I don't. But the current music culture, and culture at large, does not value justice on the possibility that the accused may be a victim of a lie. There's no consequences for lying about sexual misconduct. But there are consequences for being accused, whether you are innocent or guilty, and the former shouldn't be the case. Let's not ruin someone's entire life unless we have proof evaluated by the law. It's a social death sentence, and not one to be distributed on a whim.