Wednesday, 18 January 2017

June Paik

June Paik are a five-piece screamo/emo violence band from Munchen, Germany that's been around since 2004. Since then, they've become one of the most notable screamo acts in the past decade, and for good reason. What June Paik does best is take the core sound of hardcore/screamo, with its dark and chaotic assault, and expand it with lengthier, more droning musical passages. As opposed to the 30 second bursts of most bands within this genre, an average June Paik song can easily be as long as 8 minutes, with most songs averaging about 4 or 5 minutes. Keep in mind, the song lengths are not for the sake of length, but to build these songs into catharsis masterpieces. Also, some of their releases are titled as 7", 10", and 12", since they're all just self-titled, which is an online music library's personal hell. Regardless, enjoy.

1. Refractive
2. See A Bit Of Yourself, Travel For Oxygen
3. Klaus 5.0
4. Performers In Handing Out Quietness
5. Dread's Name
6. Swallow All; Runs Too Deep

1. Performers in Handing out Quietness
2. Refractive
3. Swallow All; It Runs Too Deep

1. Und Ureder
2. Aleska
3. Recherche
4. Echoes
5. Grobes Rund
6. Schmelzpunkt

1. June Paik - Pulsar
2. June Paik - Schlittschuhlaufen
3. Titan - His Eminence

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV

1. Grenzwert

1. Elmsfeuer
2. Traufe
3. Mit Abstand
4. Auswurf

Cocoon (Evolution)


  1. at least one s/t (2011) is missing, i think maybe 2

    1. oh ok, other cover and year, my bad ;D