Friday, 13 January 2017

Boston Manor

After months and months of constant requests for this band, I finally caved and decided to do them (that's what she said). Basically these guys are a five-piece pop punk/emo band from Blackpool, England that formed in 2013, and have been on the rise ever since. Their debut album came out last year on Pure Noise Records, and it seems to have been very well-received. This band is for fans of other modern pop punk giants, such as Neck Deep, Trash Boat, Seaway, State Champs and such. They've also got a tinge of emo influence, and some slightly more aggressive vocals, which definitely makes Boston Manor stand out as a band of their own. As you guys know, I'm not a huge fan of this kind of sound, but can't deny they're a talented band, and I'm sure a ton of you will dig this. Enjoy.

1. Dirty Kitchens
2. All Tight (Euan Cosh)
3. Here-Now
4. 33 Lawrence Avenue
5. Tigers Jaw

1. Throwing Stuff - Token Beef
2. Throwing Stuff - Five Pound Beers
3. Boston Manor - July
4. Boston Manor - Wolf

1. Salt Water
2. Peach State
3. Driftwood
4. Wolf
5. See You In Three Years
6. Square One

1. Gone
2. Trapped Nerve
3. Asleep At The Wheel
4. Shade

1. Burn You Up
2. Lead Feet
3. Laika
4. CU
5. Broken Glass
6. Kill Your Conscience
7. Forget-Me-Not
8. This Song Is Dedicated To Nobody
9. Stop Trying, Be Nothing
10. Fossa

1. Welcome To The Neighbourhood
2. Flowers In Your Dustbin
3. Halo
4. England's Dreaming
5. Funeral Party
6. Digital Ghost
7. Tunnel Vision
8. Bad Machine
9. If I Can't Have It No One Can
10. Hate You
11. FY1
12. Stick Up
13. The Day That I Ruined Your Life