Saturday, 14 January 2017

Happy Diving

Happy Diving are a four-piece alternative rock band from Oakland, California that formed in 2013. They started out on Father/Daughter Records, but are currently signed to Topshelf, which is very fitting for them. This band has got some 90's alt rock worship going on like no other. Their guitars fuzzier than a Furby and their vocal melodies are sweeter than sugar. They blend heavy distortion with pop sensibilities, like alt. rock staples Superchunk or Nirvana. Their songs are catchy as hell, and though their influence is clearly set 20 years back, Happy Diving still manage to sound distinctly modern. Enjoy.

1. As You Were
2. Sincere
3. Complacent
4. Never Been

1. Small World
2. Space Ooze
3. Weird Dream
4. Big World
5. Sad Planet
6. Mikey's Rules
7. Whenever
8. Always Noon
9. Explorer
10. 10

1. So Bunted
2. My Zone

1. Bigger World
2. Don't Be Afraid Of Love
3. Holy Ground
4. Electric Soul Unity
5. Head Spell
6. Fantasy
7. Shed Light
8. Lost My Way
9. The Call, It Thunders
10. Pain Country
11. Unknown Feeling
12. River Will Flow

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  1. Electric Soul Unity made my day, but you made my week by uploading it